Under 5K Reads Club



Under 5k Club—> Me at 2 reads cries


I’m new, and nervous that no one will find my story. It seems like the same stories are featured, and I wonder how people find new ones.


My current WIP has 2.2k reads. It’s almost getting to the halfway point, but it’s been slow going.


Writing one piece that is low fantasy that is more about me trying to twist some tropes and write from the perspective of the bad guys but the readers not knowing that until later in the story and giving one of them a redemption arc.

The other one is straight up a story where all the characters are cats fory own self-indulgence. They’re living in a post-apocalypse setting and have some vague threat hanging over them.

What about you?


Almost a month later and The Girl That Fell From The Sky is at 4.963 reads 759 votes so im super stoked, won’t be able to post in this thread soon which i guess is actually good news?:smiley:


Mine is a steampunk-ish story about a gadgateer genius who signs on with a crew of sky pirates so she can earn money to buy back her family’s home after they get evicted.


Sounds cool. What’s the name of your story? I’ll check it out.


Unfortunately it’s not posted yet, I dont like to post until a big chunk of the writing is done


Well, it sounds really interesting! Good luck with it :slight_smile:


Good morning


Thanks :slight_smile: it’s been going well so far, I’m just struggling a little with juggling writing it, editing my last story and there’s always about 3 or 4 new ideas that bounce into my head while I’m writing.

The new ideas are the worst because they always seem more interesting than what I’m working on now :stuck_out_tongue:


This :sob: I’m having that problem at the moment. Finally inspired to write something but it’s not the thing I should be working on lol


Absolutely relatable content. I work on two things at once because I get easily bored and want to change things up but I’m constantly having to fight off the other like 10 things I want to write.


Yes! Plus it helps with writer’s block. I’m usually able to keep it to two, but this new idea just would not let go, lol

I regret it a little bit now :joy:


I have a real bad “grass is greener on the other side” kind of issue when these other ideas come to me. A lot of them don’t pan out when I try to think them through and I end up going back to my original piece


Yeah, I get that too. I guess any writing is progress, right? How can we improve otherwise…? It’s great that you think them through far enough to realize they don’t pan out though. I’m always like, “well, I’ve screwed up my current story beyond belief, the next one will be amazing!” and jump to the next thing.

And then I mess that one up, too, so


Haha yeah I’ve been there. I find trying to come up with a plan for the story helps a lot. I’ve tried a couple ideas where I’ve gotten the world and characters roughed out but when I try to outline the actual plot I get stuck and just don’t have anywhere to take it.


Plot? What is plot? :sweat_smile:

Just kidding. But the plot is always the hardest damn part!


The problem I more have right now is time. I’m not sure I realistically have the time to be working on two projects with how slow the progress is yet here I am doing just that.


I’ve come back from the silence, what did I miss?