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I think so too! I always start with the world first then the characters then plot. I always struggle the most with plot


Yeah, time is forever elusive…

@ithappensatnight welcome back! :slight_smile:

@Poundcake93 Same! And then I write from random spots in the story and end up with a doc that’s got like twenty half-scenes and no idea where they go in the plot.


hihihihi :slight_smile: what’s up


Ok, so I’m totally new here and trying to figure things out. I’ve only got 3 reads on my first short story and it looks like this is a real up hill battle!
Seems like if you’re not writing YA on fan fiction then nobody’s really reading…?
Correct me if I’m wrong.
Also, will someone explain this paid stories thing? I thought wattpad was supposed to be free, where anyone could post…?
Help, am so confusedddd


Hey, not much (but also everything :joy:) lol, you?


Hey, welcome! :slight_smile: I’ve heard that too, but I can’t speak from personal experience because I’ve never written in a “popular” genre either. Short stories seem especially tough (just because more chapters is more chances for a read I guess…?) I think no matter what you write it’s an uphill battle though lol

There’s a thread on the paid stories here: Paid Stories Update ft Nick (idk maybe you already read that) but I don’t know much more about it than that. I think the basic premise is, it will always be free to post (and anyone can still post!), and most stories will remain free. But stories that meet certain criteria can apply to become part of the paid stories.


Sometimes even when you’re writing fan fiction its hard to get noticed.

I think its all about what elements and sub genres are included too. I’ve written a Star Wars story. My story has no romance at all (romance seems to be a big draw for a lot of readers here) and it doesnt have any cannon characters in it or any of the planets from the original material. Its fan fiction only because it’s in the star wars universe and its not exactly drawing in heaps of readers. Not compared to some other stories that are raking in thousands each month


ok, this makes a little bit of more sense about paid stories!!



I feel like it’s sorta like instagram, where if you don’t have a bikini pic you’re not going to be getting any followers lol


I definitely think getting reads is a balance between having luck and putting in hard work. But having an eye-catching cover, a clever title, and an intriguing blurb sure helps, too!


i’ll read it!




The whole self promotion game can be really tough. I suck at it a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

I think in a perfect world all our books would find their audiences without any effort but you’re right, getting your work out there is a lot of work.


If you end up doing so, I hope you enjoy it!


So my oldest story is sitting at 999 reads :stuck_out_tongue: I am so tempted to click it myself just to bump it to an even thousand


This is irrelevant, but I love your username.


Thanks! Ironically, my real name is Ann, but I love Anne of Green Gables and I’m online, so I fixed it.



I love her too.