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Good morning! How are you today?


I’m good, how are you?


Great! I know most people hate the time change in spring, but I love it. It feels like spring finally!


I like it too, it gives me more daylight in the evening to do things outside.


The time in my area is 19:25 PM (evening). I’m curious…where are you guys come from?


Agreed! I just hear a lot of people complaining. I feel like have more energy after the switch.


It is 8:30 in the am here. I am getting ready to leave for work. Bright, sunny day here too!


It is 08:31 here, I’m from the USA


I’m already at work.


06:37 here. Good morning/evening to everyone! Hope your days go/went well!


Good morning


I am heading to mine now. Have a great day!


You too!


Good morning! How are you doing today?


I’m doing fine today. I’m at work and so far everything going well so I can’t complain.

How are you?


The day is still young for nonsense, though, right? ;D

I’m good. Trying to wrangle a chapter that’s been giving me trouble for a week and a half. I’m late on my update schedule and want to blast through this if I can.


I am at work, would rather be writing tho. Managed to post a chapter last night


I would rather be writing too.


Herro! :slight_smile: