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I think a lot of us would lol


Am I the only one here actually writing and wishing I wasn’t? xD


Hello friend! How are you doing this fine day in time?


I wish I was writing, but I have so much editing to do. I just have to wait for hubby to get his big headphones on so he can’t hear me speaking. I don’t like people listening to my edit process. X_X


Do you use speech-to-text?


Nope, I speak like that normally. :slight_smile:


Wait, okay, so you read you work aloud to yourself for your editing process? That’s pretty cool! Do you find it works better for you that way?


Well I edit it three times, first is as I am writing, then I look over it as just casual reading a while later to check for errors, then I read it aloud and listen for errors. Make sure it sounds good, and the flow works. Stuff like that.


Gotcha. That’s a good and thorough editing process. Props! Until your husband puts his headphones on, can you do anything on your story in the interim, like plotting?


This is a really good practice. Reading out loud catches so much that your eyes don’t, especially in dialogue. If it sounds awkward when you say it, it will sound awkward for your characters to be saying it.


Well the book is done. I have a few books almost done, and a lot of editing to do on all of them. I just don’t like him listening. So I have to wait. I read it aloud somewhat when I write it the first time as well, so yeah I need to wait in that case as well. I can’t really do more than the first rank of the editing before he puts them on. Which he just did. X) I have about 65 “pages” According tot he googledoc to edit. The book is up on Wattpad, but it’s only edited till chapter nine. I post an update for it as I get the chapters done. X)


YES! As well as you can make sure it sounds like your character. (Using a voice you make for them is awkward with hubby looking at me. X)


I totally feel this today. I don’t even have 100 reads yet. Trying to laugh it off but also scouring the internet to figure out what I need to be doing more of. Like I read the author of AFTER spent hours promoting every day. But I can’t find what she was actually doing to help get the reads.


You need to make friends in the chats here and then eventually when you feel like they are close enough as a friend/follower you sink your request and hope/pray they are willing to do more than just put it on their reading list. X)


Yes, that too! I’ve actually acted out scenes between myself in my kitchen to make sure everything makes sense before I write it down.

I’m also home alone most of the time, so luckily no one’s had me committed…yet.


I’m at work wishing I was home writing. But it’s a beautiful day so I’m good


Well that’s a good one to work with too. It’s just super awkward when there a guy right there who is in a meeting with a few of his co-workers on his computer looking back at me. X)


Nice! It’s supposed to be a thunderstorm here! I’m so ready!


There’s not a cloud in the sky here