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Yeah, I could see how that’s not quite as conducive to out-loud editing.

(Also thunderstorms are the bomb)


Aww, that’s so sad!


Right? I am so looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


After the winter we’ve had I love the sun!


We had a little bit of snow, but I heard every other state got like feets of snow. We got like 9 inches over the course of the winter. X_X Most of it didn’t even stick.


jfc take some of our snow, my canadian ass can’t handle any more of this white shit. i wanna get started on spring cleanup and yard work and i can’t yet because it’s still buried under two feet of fackin snow.


X) My friend on steam is from Canada. He was saying the same thing. He was pretty pissed about it too. X)


I don’t mind it from an environmental perspective because the landscape needs it to grow from spring onwards. But DAMN, the endless driveway shovelling and vehicle excavations every morning get old.


I don’t know how practical it would be, but have you thought of installing like a mini roof over your driveway? Just a large, steep angled thing that kinda sits over your driveway? The snow would slide down and off towards the (whatever is aside from the driveway.) and keep the driveway doesn’t freeze over?


Hey I have a few more reads until I reach 600…I’m a small, insignificant writer but may I join?


Hi there friend! :slight_smile: Welcome to the feed! :slight_smile:


You can only join us if you know the password!


How do I find the password??


You gotta read everybody’s books and look at the third chapters fifteenth word to spell out an anagram in which you have to arrange to make the password!


I’m just messing with you. X) Welcome to the feed mate, I don’t run this place. X)


Oh gosh thanks I was about to go off marching in the sea of books


Well hey, if you wanna go on a scavenger hunt. X) Our books can all use a few reads. XD. How are you doing today?


Yeah we all would appreciate a few reads won’t we lol I’m doing fine today. Hbu?


I am doing well mate, I am editing for my book. I have so much to edit. X_X


omg can you imagine :joy: