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That reminds me. I need to edit my book, too. What kind of story do you write?


X) That would be kinda fun me thinks. Look for a clearly marked misspelled word or something like that for the clue.


I write romance mate, I wrote it all before I went to college though so looking back at it now with an english major, changes my views on what I thought was good. Now I am trying to fix my mistake of a book. X)


i checked mine for curiosity’s sake and my third chapter’s fifteenth word is ‘the.’



Mine is “up” the 16th being the. X)


we’re getting sewered, mate. what’s your wattpad username? i tried lurking your profile, but i can’t find you on the main site with the username you use here.


I’m majoring in Eng lang and lit too! My past works are all shet


I don’t know why my in here name is different. It’s Asted101, not Asted1011. I can’t seem to change it either.


It’s the struggle of learning the language better. Or old work becomes trash. XP


Mate my fifteenth word is ‘up’, too


Hey cool beans! :slight_smile: I wonder what kinda anagram you could make with up, up, and the? :wink:


Impossible xD


There is no I in there at all. XD


Lunch break!


Wow really lmao
I was going for pup hut but there was an extra e


Hello! Welcome, do you have the password?


Hey guys!

I posted my first chapter around 3 weeks ago, I just posted Chapter 10 today and I’m at almost 900 reads, I have no idea if this is fast or slow. I figure it’s slow in comparison to the more popular profiles.

I write Erotic Romance.


X) Well you are getting closer then. XD


Friend I think that is FAST compared to me. Can you share any tips?


You are doing great, I have 62 reads on my first three chapter total so far.