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Write erotic romance.


Well I read a lot of other books and interact in the comments and sometimes end up chatting with other readers who check my profile out or offer read for read.

At the moment I post on my Instagram and Facebook, but I’m not sure how many reads come from there as from the IG Stories only 100 out of the 1600 people actually viewed it :sweat_smile:


heh…I have mature contents but it doesn’t drag in readers…


It just depends on the genre of the book. There are categories that people fall under from their reading and search habits. Romance itself is pretty low, but erotic in this website is pretty large, so that would be fairly common.


Romance and erotic are every popular genres on this site. Everything else is an uphill battle.


Fanfic takes the crown though. X_X (Shudders.)


Good point I just can’t bring myself to write one. Lol


I have no desire, I ship my couples in privet. X)


I do have romance but it’s a subplot…I’ll have to stick with the uphill battle then


Just name them different people and change a little bit about them, then it’s not a fanfic. X)


Loll I’m much more popular on AO3 then on here. I get happy with 500 reads on wattpad and then throw away works that don’t have over 1k hits there. I wish my original works got more attention…


I wish my work got more attention as is. X)


I’m almost done with chapter 11!!! :slight_smile: Class today in 2 hours. X_X I don’t wanna go! I wanna edit all day!


I should really go read the works of the people in this thread


DOOO ITTTTTT!!! :slight_smile: You can find the password while your at it! X)


Haha, that’s probably impossible bc mine only has one chapter so far lol


That’s something I should do too to be honest, but I’m too busy for much more than lurking :sweat_smile:


Oh gosh, me too. I know I’ve gotten a couple but I missed a lot too. And there are some absolute gems in here!


hey, you found me :joy:


Yeah that’s true, I went off on a tired tangent and ended up liking what I found :sweat_smile:

I make time every now and then, need to do stuff like that more often