Under 5K Reads Club




The problem with me is that I’m a very picky reader. (and not just polish, though that too). Mostly just genre? So I end up skipping out on a lot of amazing books that are just not for me


That’s understandable. There’s a huge variety of stories on Wattpad and they can’t all interest everyone. The great thing about it is that everyone can (or should) be able to find something they like on WP.


I fixed my account kinda, I made it so you can go to my profile on here and click a link that takes you to my wattpad since the community thing is broken and it keeps saying my name is Asted1011! (Not accurate.) So yeah! You can creep now, if you want to. lolol


I may have already creeped :sweat_smile:




Das ok, I a creepen anyway all the time. X)


Haha, I totally am. Although this time I typo’d your username and left off the last number while I was trying to compile a list of things to read from this thread :joy:


X) I tried to fix it before and it won’t get rid of the extra 1 it’s such a pain. X_X


Oh, you know what…there’s already someone with your original username on here, so maybe that’s why.


What? Does it have a picture of sebastion from black butler on it? With Pluto licking him?


Indeed it does!


X_X X_X That’s me.


That was my old background, how is that possible?


Oh, I was just thinking that’s a hell of a coincidence, but I guess it’s actually more of a bug. That’s so weird though


Well I need to head out for class. I’ll be back in like 4 hours. Stupid bug, I am me, not me me, but I am me!


My book so far only has three chapter.


Well you beat me lol. I’m only at one :stuck_out_tongue:


I am back after posting here for one evening and then vanishing for several weeks! It’s very busy as a masters student.


Oh well we can relate! It’s been two years since we started writing and just few days ago we got to 2k reads finally! But really, any time that the number of reads grows even if it was only 1, we felt WOAH! WE ROCK!:joy:


I’m at 2 on one and 4 on my other and they’ve both been up since summer.

You busy or only just started?