Under 5K Reads Club



I started the writing it about two weeks ago. I have three chapters posted and seven written.


heCK how do you write that fast

I can write a chapter in like two days if I have the time to do so and the actual creative drive and then that kinda burns me out for a few days…but seven in like 2 weeks? that’s impressive


I can really get going when I have the drive too. I have a lot of chapters written, now all I have to do is encourage some readers to read it. That is where I fall short.


well you’re not on your own there! I’ve had my stories up since summer and have 135 reads on one and 85 on the other.

honestly though since I only have a couple of chapters out on each I don’t feel like I can expect reads, I feel like some people don’t wanna start reading something when it has only just started - that plus my irregular posting schedule does not help

have you got a schedule for posting your chapters and have put it on your page story? I think people like it when they know when there is gonna be updates


Yeah, a lot of people don’t like reading a story until it has at least ten chapter or more. Too many people start a story and never finish them.

No I do not have a posting schedule up.


tbf, I don’t think I’ve ever got up to 10 chapters on a story (besides like once, for NaNoWriMo but i ended up hating the second half of the story) so that’s relatable, I’m bad. That said - I was younger then and not exactly ready to commit to writing. One of my current stories is actually me rewriting one of my first ever stories, and I’ve already surpassed where I got to last time.


Under 5K Reads club?

I would be suprised if one of my stories ever goes past 100 reads :sweat_smile:
Well but at least I know the reason for this. I’m writing in German. And German is a language that is not spoken by many people, compared to English, French or Spanish. :joy:


I’m curious, did you choose to write in German because it is your native language and if so do you think you would ever change this in order to get other people to read your work? Or is your work more self-indulgent and for you rather than you wanting to get reads?


I choose to write in German because that way I’m feeling closer to the characters I create. Also I can express myself a lot better, even though my english is not that bad.

But I did write a whole book with english poems, because sometimes my brain creates texts that I can only write in English. Don’t ask me why, at that point I stopped trying to understand my brain :joy:


Fair enough! Even though English is the only language I speak, I hate how English is expected to be spoken and written like, everywhere. I wish I could speak another language, I’ve tried and failed with 3…I’m currently living in Svalbard and the most spoken language is Norwegian and I feel so ignorant.

I wish you luck with your stories!


Thanks, you too.

Everyone deserves a little bit of attention for his/her/whateverpronoun stories.


Okay so then, I’ve decided to make a reading list of books from people who frequent this thread. Tell me what book you want me to read and I’ll add it to the list. Won’t get to it quickly because I can really only read on weekends but still


aw that was sweet of you! <3


I feel it’s the least I can do for my fellow struggling writers


Hello :slight_smile:




I mean, whatever you like best. I’m trying to rework my D&D story Heroes of Hazelwood but it’s going to be a while, I know you’d love that one :joy:


Heya all! Back home from work, looking to get some writing done. Anyone else around?


I’m here, though I really shouldn’t be, considering my bedtime was an hour ago. What are you working on tonight?


Trying to work some more on Music to my Ears, I might switch to one of the other projects on the bench pretty soon though.