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I’m resisting the urge to just upload my entire book and say screw my schedule.


Eh, trust me, keep to the schedule. Right now is not a good time to just upload the whole thing, considering the way stories are being advertised. Wait until more people can see the book correctly before throwing the whole thing out there.


@Puntrumpet Which one you feeling most inspired for tonight?

@bmecha Is that your mech one? I’ve had it on my reading list for awhile, if so. I need to get into that tomorrow! :punch:


dew it, the books done so all ya gotta do is tune in twice a week


I’m going to keep trying at Music to my Ears, and if I can’t get much out I’ll switch.


I’m one of those terrible bitches that prefers a good chunk of reading as opposed to waiting chapter by chapter, but I can definitely dive into everything you’ve posted so far before waiting for another decent chunk! I’ve taken peeks every now and then and I have to say I’m blown away by the authenticity of all the sci-fi jargon. I don’t know enough to know how accurate it all is, but it sounds genuine and accurate af. Was pretty impressed!


Ha, some of it is borne out of actual research, other times it’s extrapolated based on physics. I try not to be too techno-babbly. But thank you.

Well, two chapters get uploaded every week… We’re on chapter 13 right now, so the book is about halfway uploaded currently. What’s available right now is about 50,000 words, out of 123,000 :slight_smile:


Still other times, its good to lean on some good ol’ fashioned mages and witches.


Just did a Google search for my story because I’m re-using one of my old settings, a Spanish-themed cafe called La Luz, and I wanted my character to order a traditional Spanish sandwich just for the hell of it. I found a website with a list of seven odd Spanish sandwiches.

I kind of want to make some Spanish sandwiches irl now because of this.
Help. :sweat_smile:


be the spanish sandwich you wanna see.


Well, I guess I’m going to be making a batch of tortilla española tomorrow then. To be fair, that, at least, is something I’ve wanted to make anyways. I never knew they also put it on baguettes, or that they usually serve sandwiches as snacks instead of how we serve sandwiches here in America as lunches.

Take the time to learn other cultures, you’d be amazed at what you’ll learn when you do.


Preaching to the choir, friendo.


The climb up the stairs with my stomach as full as it was forced me to slow down for once. Normally I would bound up the stairs with my natural enthusiasm to just practice and destroy my embouchure in the name of getting better at my art. However, puking from the climb would not only force me to not do that, it’d also make me waste ten dollars’ worth of potato-y goodness. That’s just a shame is what that is.

This is a fun character :smile:


Well, I got some good words out, going to head to bed and see what comes of the morning and beyond!


Same with me…


You’re right I would lol




Hello! How’s it going?


Pretty good, just editing my butt off. X) Hoping to finish chapter 13 before I have to go in like 30 mins. X)


You can do it!!

Also thirteen chapter is a good way in, that’s awesome!