Under 5K Reads Club



Indeed it is! It’s also one of my favorites! X) It’s funny, has sexual tension that get’s instantly stamped out, but not really. It’s funny and full of sarcasm. X)


That sounds amazing! I love sexual tension lol. What’s it called?


The book is called What’s Your Deal. I technically finished it long ago, but I went to college and came back cringing at it. So not I am editing it to my current standard and hope to post it tonight. If i get time.


Oh, nice! I actually have that one on my reading list, just need to find the time…


/explodes in through window



X) It’s all good, it’s not going anywhere. Unless it gets popular. Then it might. X)


But since it’s under 5k still I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.


Haha, that’s why we’re here!


I’ve missed your explosions :smile:


They’re always happening somewhere on this site, if I’m being honest. I’m just usually stupid af and forget what threads I’ve posted in. Are you writing today?? I feel so lost without that story to read. :joy:


This is so relatable, I only know when they show up in my unreads :joy:

I wrote a little bit on the train this morning, but it wasn’t as much as I would have liked :confused: I really want to get it done though!

I need to come back and read more of yours too, I’ve missed it!


I currently have 102 reads I think. I’m trying to increase my read count by spamming the critiques section for feedback XD

I really don’t know much about wattpad since I just started as an active user. I had an account before but I hardly posted. So I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do here


What are you writing on now? I should lurk your profile again. You had multiple stories, right?

And fuck my story, dude, I’m stuck 5ever on chapter six and it’s driving me to my PS4 on the daily now. The highest irony is the entire thing was already written from an earlier draft, and then my dumb ass decided to change the entire direction and basically tossed the existing 5k into the garbage. Like I don’t got time to be tossing away wordage like that. :sob::sob:


The rest of my profile is just silly stories that I wrote in less than a month for campaigns or contests on here haha, idk if it’s worth looking at lmao

I’m actually writing beyond the end of The Turing Test. So, that sequel is in the works…I swear!…but the OCD is too strong to start posting before it’s less than like halfway done lmao. I’ve never actually posted anything without having a full first draft, so :joy:

Oh man, that’s rough…5k is a lot, too! It sucks but I think it also shows your dedication to making it as good as it can get.

@modestmeri Welcome! :slight_smile:


omg omg omg more Turing Test. i’ll prepare my butthole.

honestly, i should complete a full draft before posting for general readership, but i justified (to myself) posting on wattpad because i was looking for beta readers. but no beta readers yet, and i’m still posting, so i’ll check my logic at the edge of the closest cliff amirite. xD

I think it really depends what you’re wanting to get out of Wattpad. If you’re wanting readers, there’s quite a few threads in the community detailing effective tactics for gaining them by other successful writers on the site. If you’re wanting feedback for improving your writing, I think there’s threads for exchanges for that very thing in the Story Services sub-forums. If you’re wanting something outside of those two things, let us know and we can try to advise!


I’m so scared that it won’t live up to the hype :joy:

I know there are threads here where people ask for beta readers, and some of them are stories on wattpad but some are also done through Google docs or something similar, so that’s always an option.

Posting them on Wattpad though can have its own advantages!


Guess what!!


I think I’ve been on this account for Wattpad for 2 weeks now and I have 1.6k reads on my first book on here!!!


A lot of people have told me poetry doesn’t go very far


Whoa that’s amazing! Congrats! :blush: