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Thank you, i’m really excited!


Thanks for this - it puts a lot in perspective :slight_smile:


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Which genre are you writing? :smiley:


Hi, my third story is currently has 4.4K views ( Soon I will be out of the under 5k club :disappointed_relieved:)
When I started writing my third story in fantasy genre, I realised Fantasy is more broad genre and not everyone would read my book like I got used to Werewolf genre. I remember that my book gained 10k reads over 4 months.

But over 4 years being on Wattpad I learned about readers and know what to do, so new readers would check my book.

I’m glad that I started writing something new, I love experimenting with characters and plot. :smile:




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I’m good what about you?


I’m alright, just lacking motivation to do anything


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helloooooo, I want time to stop, it’s going too fast, it just needs to slow down a little bit, ever feel that way?


All the time, lol


lol pun intended


Actually, completely unintended. I didn’t even notice I made a pun XD


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oh, i write poetry!!


Guess what!!!

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Hello, how is everyone?


@Medula-Oblongata Good morning! I just woke up and am gonna try to get some wordage down before I have to run some errands here in another hour and a half. How are you?


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