Under 5K Reads Club



Lol you passed 5K barrier?


Hi guys!


I have a question because I don’t know much about Wattpad: I got 650 reads within a month. Is that a slow climb or average or speedy enough?
I think half of them is me, though


Depends if you are a new writer or, already written some books, and have some people are following you?


I joined last year and started being active last month when I started uploading my novel. Uhh…I don’t think I have that much followers


On break at work. I don’t think I like my job. I feel like every bit of energy I have is going towards it


that is a lot tbh, good job


I looked at your Wattpad profile. I would say you have a good climb on your book , but don’t forget you will get most reads after you finish the book.

You know those readers who only add your book in their library? Those readers will read it if you have like 20 chapters or when you finish. :smiley:

Try not to worry about reads that come before completing the book, you should continue writing your story. :smile:


Thank you for kindly assessing my reads status…I’m rather blind to how things work here. It’ll take a while for me to complete my story but I hope it gets recognition when I finish it:)


Oh believe since you got 650 read over a month it’s means it’s will grow.

Finished stories is like door to your profile, I always had some readers who will read my second story then read my first story and then read my third unfinished story.


Good to know! I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks


What’s your job?


Nah, I’m not that good. X) I’m just breaking 500 thought! :slight_smile:


I hit over 70 reads but I know most of them is me clicking into the story to reply to comments hahahaha, I really wish wattpad can remove self counts


Same, that would make it much more realistic. X)


I heard that our own clicks count as a new read every 24 hours. So if you’re clicking on a chapter once a day, you’re getting a read from yourself once a day that way as well. So I can’t actually tell if I have five readers or, like, two. xD


I just get a read when I go to paste in the new text. X_X


does anyone know if this is something wattpad is aware of and is trying to fix?


That, too. :joy:

Ah well. I find the reads less reassuring than comments, personally. I ain’t growing as a writer from a pile of silent readers, no matter how big or small. I’d much rather have feedback.


I’m not sure. There are probably other threads out there with infinitely more knowledge on the subject than I can give. I’m just regurgitating (probably inaccurately) information I’ve gleaned from other threads.