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No idea, it would be nice though.


Agreed, just knowing that somebody is trying to help me grow is the best kind of support I can receive.


Same, homie. It’s a struggle fishing for specific kinds of feedback on this site, though, I tell you wut. You can usually find people willing to give feedback, but so often it’s (inaccurately) spelling and grammar focused, and that shit is not useful in a first draft when it’s sentence-by-sentence based. Like bruhs, those sentences might not even survive into the second draft, y u gotta be focusing on my wording line by line? :unamused:


same, I am more excited to see a new comment than have a new read


XD That’s where I am at though, I need the nitty gritty kinda feedback for my first book. It’s almost done with it’s editing stage and I am going to be moving on to the editing of the others. I need those people you don’t want. X) I had one person say that I needed to delete a whole section because it didn’t work well, (Even though every other person said that was basically their favorite chapter.)


I’ll send them your way if I get them again. :joy: I’m all for generalized grammar advice if there’s something I’m consistently doing wrong like overusing em dashes or just flat out using them wrong #CoughCough #NotSpeakingFromExperience, but hoo boy, no-fucking-thank-you otherwise, amirite.

That’s why you get lots of opinions before making a decision. xD If only one person is in one camp and the other 90% of people are saying the opposite, the one person’s opinion doesn’t really matter.

@ithappensatnight Right? I find voluntarily interacting with other people’s stories often yields some courtesy reacharounds in that regard, too, but getting those organic, out-of-nowhere comments is the best.


True that. If I am just trying to get the words to page, and people are nitty gritty I just say "okay, thank you for your feedback. Then later that night delete the comment. X) I don’t know if that’s going to be a problem or even in the book when it’s done. X)


Mostly data entry


That can definitely be a mentally draining job. Do you enjoy it, or was it just sort of a job of convenience?


To those of you who were around when I went on that tangent, I am making a tortilla española, we’ll see how it turns out, mostly going off memory and instinct regarding the recipe :sweat_smile:


So it’s delicious, and I’m happy with how it turned out. If only my mom liked onions, then maybe she’d give it a try… :sweat_smile:


Just doing it for the money honestly. I don’t enjoy it much at all


HIII!!! :slight_smile:


I am not even close to 1k . Lol i am a rookie. I have been on here for a couple of years, but I have to say be proud you made 1k. It may not be 5k but the views shouldn’t matter as long as you are happy with your writing in the end!


Hello, I am here now 8 hours later lol


Guys how do you stay motivated and keep writing?


For me, it was that my friend wouldn’t read my book til it was done.


Shoot my friend has already seen my boooook


Y’know, that’s a hard question. I think it’s just that I’m keeping my personal end goal in mind, and it helps to come up with these crazy stories that I’ve just gotta tell.


Well I had experience after I finished the book, I will gain more readers, than I did when my book was ongoing.