HI, the name’s Cole.

Call me by that nickname. I’m a guy and I design graphics if anyone wants one! Usually, I create sci-fi/fantasy or any thing related to it. I’m more than willing to try something new tho.
I’m new when it comes to graphic designing but I believe that I always unleash unexpected results for a newbie, I guess XD.

:orange_heart::orange_heart:SO IF YOU’RE IN NEED OF COVER TO PATCH UP YOUR STORY, YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE A REQUEST FORM AND VISIT MY GRAPHIC SHOP!:shushing_face::shushing_face::see_no_evil::heart:

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/127110632-freak-show-a-graphic-shop


Subtitle (Optional):
Author name:
Ideas for your cover:
Color scheme:

You can either submit the form in this thread or to my story’s first page. The cover will be posted in my graphic shop and sent via gmail!




1.) Follow
2.) Credits in your story’s bio
3.) A dedication in a chapter of your story in order for the graphic shop to be discovered :orange_heart:

T H A T ’ S I T


Hi there!

As stated in the multimedia guidelines, votes are not allowed as a payment. I have edited your post.

Click here to read the club guidelines.

Reading, following and commenting is fine. Goodluck with your thread.

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:


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Ooops, my bad! Thank you


G’day! popping in a request if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

thank-you for your time and consideration! lmk if there’s anything i can help with :slight_smile:


Accepted. When do you need it? I will be working on it.


take as long as you need, there’s no rush :slight_smile:

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Hey, I need a cover for my book but I can’t come up with any ideas… would you give some ideas of your own?


I can try. What’s your story about? You might want to fill up the form too if you would like to request :smile:

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Sure! Wait a second…


Title: Wrong Number
Subtitle (Optional): none
Author name: Prisionerofthedark
Genre: Romance
Ideas for your cover: -
Color scheme: Reddish
Mood: -

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A high school romance where a popular jock mistakenly texts a girl who’s a junior…


Ok, I think I got some ideas juggling in my mind. Accepted. I’ll be working on it.

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Could you share those ideas?? I want to know what it is before you make it…


Idk. I’m thinking of a girl at the bottom left corner who stands straight with her eyes on her phone with a visible thread that leads up to the jockey male positioned upside down at the upper right corner. A giant phone sits at the center where the title would be and then the thread swirls around it before connecting to each other? A lighter red color scheme , considering it’s romance. And a little bit of neon vibes. idk. it depends on you.

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Thanks!!! I love it… but I’d prefer if you don’t show their faces and acc to your idea… the jock’s face will be shown… Apart from that, I love the idea.


Ok, let me just clear it. The male’s face will be shown but the not the girl’s?

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Youre Black Dogs and Hybrid Society covers are very nice!

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Oh, that’s really nice of you. Thank you!

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Yeah and thanks!

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Okay, I’m on it. make sure to upload your story very soon! :orange_heart::orange_heart:

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