Understanding the Tags

Tags Tips

What are Tags for?

Wattpad allows you to add Tags to stories, in order to help readers find what they are looking for. You are allowed to use up to 25 Tags, and it is advised to make the best of it and fill all those slots, so that you can have a better visibility.

You can find more information in Wattpad’s Help Center, and can find several guidebooks on the main site that explain the importance of Tags, and how to use them in the best possible way.

How to add the Tags to your story?

From a computer

From a phone

What Tags should you add to your story?

When you are sharing your story in the #share-your-story club, the Tags of your books should match the section you are posting in.

You can’t use periods or spaces, but you can use hyphens if you want to separate words. Adding to the Tags you will need to add in order to advertise your story in the SYS, you can easily find more ideas for Tags by looking at books similar to yours and seeing what the author used for their story.

You can find bellow all the Tags required for posting in the different sections of the Share Your Story (SYS) Club. The Tags you will enter cannot have capital letters. Those are here for a better understanding.

The Tags with * are optional. The others are necessary. The tags in Italic are to be adapted, depending on what you are working with.


Adding new tags from a computer

First of all, you’ll need to head to the “My Story” section. You can access it via the “Write” button in the upper right corner of the website:


Pick the story you wish to add a tag to, and then head to “Story Details”:

Scroll down until you find the tag section, and click on “Add a tag”:

You can then type your new tag(s), by separating them with spaces.Don’t forget to save your changes once you are done! The save button is located top right of the screen:



Adding the new Tags from a phone

When you are on the app, the access to your books is the pen located in the bottom at the center of the screen:


When you click on it, it will either give you access to the last story you edited or to all the other stories. Pick the story you want to add the tags to, and then look down until you find the Tags bit.


All you have to do is click on it, and it will take you to a text block, where you can input your new tag(s).

Write it # #Yourtag
(Hashtag [space] hashtag [no space] yourtag)


Don’t forget to save when you are done with the new tag(s)!