Undiscovered BTS fanfic writers, lets be friends!

Hi, so how many of you fanfic writers are struggling for attention on wattpad. :sweat_smile: I’m in the same boat so don’t worry, hopefully we will sail through if we are able to make some long lasting friends.
:cherry_blossom: Just let your heart open and share whatever you want to ( under the guidelines).

  • Also let me know whom you ship
  • your fanfic is based on whom? (mine is Jin)
  • how many current reads.( :joy: its up to you.)
    +OH! And has anyone ever attended their concert.



I am starting a BTS inspired fanfic soon, I am still working on the first chapter. It is going to be based on Suga, and Jimin


Mmmmm I don’t ship much, but if I had to choose, my favorites would be taekook, yoonmin and vmin (but more friendship wise, i’m jealous of their friendship lol)
I have a vmin fanfic with 69 reads! Like I said, I like their friendship, so it’s not romancey c:
I’ve never been to their concert because they don’t go ANYWHERE near Florida :sob:
Who’s your bias? :3

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Low reads :sweat_smile: i know its irritating , right.
Well I’m free maybe I’ll check your work. :wink:
That’s what friends do. :hugs:

I know right! Low reads discourages me, but one of my irl friends and my grandma (she’s an army too!) love reading my stories, so I keep up for them :relaxed: I’ll check out yours, too, I was looking at them earlier hehe

I seriously respect their friendship + their love for army. And each one of them is so inspiring. Look at jin, jimin, hobi, joon, sugar, kooki and tae each one is so hard working. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you so much.

Inspiring you say, wow. Usually people go with only romance with bts and I’m tired of them :no_mouth:
My own story is a inspiring + mystery. And whatever BTS is there it is innocent and clean. :grin:
Maybe I’ll check your story too. :heavy_heart_exclamation: NICE HAVING A NEW FRIEND.

Honestly! And they’re so close to each other, too…I’ve never seen people so close before (maybe I have lol my best friend and I are basically twins)…I really admire that because you don’t always get along with people you’re thrown into

Yes, the book is up but there aren’t any chapters yet. It is inspired by BTS but is more a friendship type of Suga and Jimin ship wanting to follow their dreams of performing. I don’t read a lot of fanfiction but I read one about Suga and an oc and was inspired I guess :joy:

ooooooh it’s nice to see more friendship stories going up! It’s something fresh :3

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Yeah, well I don’t really ship them romantically, any of them, so friendship is where it stays for me. That is cute enough in my eyes

I don’t really like shipping romantically, it causes too many problems sometimes, you know? I still read ship fanfics, though, because there’s so many and you run out of others to read after awhile lol

I get that, but yeah, I don’t think people should do that, because it might ruin the friendship and make it awkward for them. Also, they tend to be more affectionate to each other over there, especially in the spotlight. But yeah, reading it is no harm as long as your not forcing it.

I feel the same way! I’ve seen so many videos where Tae and JK were really close and clingy but after all the TaeKookers popped up, they stopped doing it :confused:

That’s a shame. I’m not too deep into the fandom, but I have liked them and their music for a long time, and admire their hard work. I feel sad when there are those people who ruin it, especially because South Korea still isn’t overly comfortable with homosexuality. Not saying BTS are homophobic, but the culture isn’t totally used to it yet. It is still rated 19+ for gay MVs

I knew they weren’t comfortable with homosexuality, but I didn’t know gay MV’s were 19+… that’s a little sad…it makes me happy that bts is so supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, despite coming from a culture that’s uncomfortable with it

Exactly, it makes it that much more admirable. Yes, there is one that only has a kiss in it, and is 19. Neverland by Holland, if you want to check it out.

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thank you! I’ll check it out now!

Aaaaahhhhh but it such a good song and MV!!! So many people are missing out because of the age restriction :persevere: I even listened to another song - I’m Not Afraid - and I’m happy he can be so open about it! I hope he’s living well :blush:

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