☘️Undiscovered Writers: Book Club ☘️

I’m offering extra reads, simply put. As undiscovered writers I can’t give you the hundreds of reads you hope for but the more involved you are, the closer you get to the hundreds you hope for.

So yes, I’m offering a book club with new rules. I talked to my writer friends, seeing as I’m not a writer to understand what they found challenging about most book clubs and yep, I covered some of it. I believe you won’t have to go around looking for read for reads that don’t work out.

Payment: It’s not payment if I follow back.

The name of the book club is: “BOOK CLOVERS” run by this account: thecloverer.

Any takers? I’m not sure I’m allowed to post a link🤔


I’ve never been a part of a book club before, so this sounds exciting!

I’ll check out the account, thanks!

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Hi there!

I’ve moved your thread to the #story-services:book-clubs Category and you can post a link to the book club :smiley:

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:

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Awesome :), you are welcome.


I’m in :slight_smile: post the link.

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Not sure it’s allowed but here goes:


This sounds amazing, will check out your link!

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I want in so I applied.


Bump, lol. Just trying to keep this here for a few more days.

I Joined!! :blush::blush:

requested to join- also bump :slight_smile:

i’m in sounds good!

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