Undiscovered Writers (English)


Wattpad used to have a category where you could find undiscovered writers, and I loved to explore it. Many of us don’t have millions or even thousands of reads and it’s not easy to get there. But I’d like for this to be a discussion to unite undiscovered writers.

Therefore, if your story has under 1000 views (and is NOT in one of the following genres – Creepypasta – Horror – Paranormal – Spiritual – Random) then I would love to read it, so feel free to:

:heart: Ask Questions
:heart: Post a Link
:heart: Rant a Little
:heart: Give Advice

Do Not:
:no_entry_sign: Ask for Read for Reads (If you read someone’s story it is their choice on whether or not they would like to read yours)
:no_entry_sign: Do Not Ask For Votes
:no_entry_sign: Do Not Promote Any Further Than A Link and Summary (If you decided to share your story)


When I think of paranormal I typically relate it with the creepy side of the supernatural world. Now for those who are in the paranormal category and don’t feel your book is creepy/scary feel free to post.


Hello! I’d love to see some interesting undiscovered works myself. A way to browse lower popularity stuff would be nice, there are some real gems to be found there. Any idea why they got rid of that function?

My own work is a kind of weird slow-burn cozy romance, and currently has 229 views. It’s called Claws & Keepers, and the summary is:

CATs. Humanoid pets with cat ears, tails, and all the benefits one could want from both a companion and a slave, they’ve been an incredibly popular pet choice for nearly 80 years, even outlasting the horrible controversy surrounding their ownership and creation. Eric, a lonely 20 year old college student from out of town, largely grew up without thinking much of them when he comes across a feral being dragged to a terrible fate, and saves him on instinct. Now living with Saul, an ornery, but loyal and beautiful CAT dragged from his home, they must learn to lean on each other to navigate an unforgiving world, trust one another, and just maybe find love and family in the most unexpected of places.


Honestly, I’m not sure why they removed it. It was a big help to undiscovered writers. Now they’re hard to find because everything is ranked. Also, I agree. I’ve found some really wonderful undiscovered books and it gives the writers greater confidence and moral.

That topic is definitely a first, but I’ll be sure to check it out.


I’ve got some short stories that have 82 reads


I understand that your book is in the short story category, but it’s also tagged as horror.


Hey I’m an undiscovered! Anyone want to read my novel a caregiver’s last lesson?

The unofficial citizen Will has spent the better part of his fourteen years of life training for his BEDL exams, a series of test that will determine his future career in the Brutarian Empire. He hopes to be assigned to the Brutarian Legion as he knows it is his best chance at one day buying property and enjoying the full rights of an official citizen.

But to find a place among the Brutarian Empire’s soldiers, he has to prove himself to the Judges. Will has resolved that nothing will keep him from proving his worth to the judges, not even the rules of the care center. More than anything, Will dreads being assigned to be a lab rat. Not only would it kill any hope he had of becoming an official citizen, it would see him experimented until he lost both his sanity and eventually his life.

Also, come dm me! I’m super friendly.

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the second story falls under the horror category, sorry I should have clarified

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Is it me or did they take away new stories sorting from tag searches recently? Or is that what people here are talking about? Been wanting to read undiscovered works but I cannot find them anymore.

Anyway, I have a story that just broke 100 reads, though most are my own: Rise of the Darkness. It is urban fantasy with dragons and magic. If you are interested, here is a link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/178485461-rise-of-the-darkness

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I have two stories that are under 1k reads on my profile. https://www.wattpad.com/user/elusive_6788

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Thanks for sharing!
Can you add a link to your story?

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Man I wish there was a sort by new option. It’s one of my favorite ways to look for stuff on pretty much every other website. ._.


I believe so there’s no ‘new’ or ‘rising’ category anymore


So I’m guessing you don’t read werewolf? I mean, my characters are werewolves but not really? And my story tips over dark fantasy than werewolf.


I have no idea when it was removed, but that is why this chat was created. I enjoy supporting undiscovered authors because of everyone who has supported me.

I’ll be sure to check it out!

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I’ll take a look at them!

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I write werewolf, so of course I read werewolf. Lol.

And I don’t mind giving dark fantasy a try, so be sure to post a link.

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Hey Thank you so much for doing this! Please do give my story a chance and let me know what you think!

My story-Silver Bullets



“Your lying he would never risk his face being seen!”

“For you, he would do anything.”

Just then I heard the chattering of glass and felt a stabbing sensation in my neck. A red tranquilizer was what I found before turning around to see a blurry image of…wait a minute…no…it cant be!

“Ricardo…” Was the last thing I said before falling out of consciousness.


Ricardo Gabriel, powerful and rich. Leyla Maxwell, a 16-year-old trying to avenge her parent’s death. What happens when these two collide and misunderstandings come in the way?
Join Leyla and Ricardo in this beautiful and mysterious adventure of lies, lust, and betrayal.
Will they get there happily ever after or a disastrous end?
Read and find out!

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Ooooh, cuz you said you don’t read paranormal and ww are technically paranormal. But hey, here you go!

Title: The First Lie

“The pack comes first.”

That was always something that nineteen-year-old Jillian Mortier and her two older siblings have been taught to live by. Despite her being content in her humanity, being able to serve her pack from the shadows was always the role she expected to have. The only thing that actually mattered to her was supporting her family and keeping them safe. But when she was thrust into a role she didn’t plan on taking, things started to unfold.

From the bizarre behavior of their current pack leaders including her brother to being plagued with strange visions–visions of blood, death, and destruction. It gave her no other choice. She needed to step up and take matters into her own hands because she was the only one who can.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/659728688-the-first-lie-3

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Do you like (open) fan fiction?

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You’re very welcome!

I’ll be sure to check it out!

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