Undiscovered Writers...



Had this been a regular story I would have but the way I’ve written it doesn’t exactly allow for detail packed chapters. It’s more specific words to convey the plot.


Hello undiscovered fellas! How are you doing?


Doing good. You?


Is anyone still active on this thread?

As a reader i am loving some of the work out there-

As a new writer - i am terrified, always wonderig if what I am putting out there is good enough and chasing after the elusive reads!


I feel you there. It’s a scary world out there, especially with how many works are here and might be better than yours.

I think you just have to go in with the mindset that not everything is original. It’s probably already been done. What matters is what twists and turns you put in it that makes it your story. Easier said than done though… XD


Tell me about it!

I am a mature wirter ( in both age and contents!)and suddenly having to navigate the world of blogs, instagram and other internie things is doing my head in!

oh well, will just keep on writing and chasing the reads!


I write pretty much anything that comes to mind. Usually YA. Sometimes Teen Fic, if the right idea comes to play. It matters on my mood. I’m currently plotting through a Paranormal Mystery/Thriller that I am super excited about.


also while I am here -is anyone else having issues with bookcover uploads or chapter uploads?

Ive got two stories on the go but when i search for them they only seem to show one chapter ( and Ive got 4 in one and 3 in the other, also my frist uploaded bookcver went fine but the second one only shows up on the tablet i uplaoded it from and not my phone!


it happen to me once recently








What’s up?




this is freaking late nothing much. You?


I’m just using Twitter here lol. I can’t figure out how to use Instagram.


Haha no worries. Nothing either


Nice. I’m just writing.


Cools, got home from being out a while ago


Ah that’s nice