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Just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!


Hi. It’s been very, very quiet here.


Everyone is probably on radio silence for the holidays.


I know I’ve been running around a lot with the holidays, between gigs and just getting all the presents mailed. Thank God that’s over. I miss the days when Christmas was all “OMG, can’t wait for my presents!” and not agonizing over what to get people and multiple trips to the damned post office.


I’m ready for my post Christmas vacay!!


Hey y’all I had a great Christmas! I hope y’all had great holidays as well!


I had a wonderful holiday. I’m glad you enjoyed yours as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


is this where im supposed to say hi? (I’m attempting to join)


Hi anyway haha


Hi I think everyone is still recovering from the holidays were trying to re group it might be a while beforw it starts again


oh okay thanks for letting me know


Well Christmas has gone and the new year is coming. Real life has definitely gotten in the way. Sorry for not being around. Hopefully things well be better this year. I hope all of you had a great holiday.


Hope everyone has a happy New Years!!!


Happy 2019 Everyone!!!


Hi humanz!


I’ve been MIA for a while, and it looks like I’m not the only one! How’s everyone doing? Are we going to start a new book for January? February?


How was everyone’s Holiday???
@la3yun1c0rn I hope you no longer have a cold :slight_smile: and had a great holiday
@mrsmommyesq I hoping your holiday was good
@MidnightBell7 LOL hI back at you!!!
@TheVandiShow :)!!! good to see you
@Amanda_kate1414 you drowned in the holidays to :slight_smile: lol’
@rhythmchyc thank you for the thread shout out. All of us started it :slight_smile: karma, and me :slight_smile: all of yall
@AbbyWheelerRomance lol those can’t wait for my presents days were kinda wondering

@mrsmommyesq I’ll have a list of books up to vote for the next one up. We are also excepting freebie romances on kindle. in the voting pool. I go through and contact everyone hopefully before the weeks out in DM


I did drown lol it’s always fun when you have a child at Christmas


I am just trying to get back into the swing of things…


welcome back :slight_smile: @la3yun1c0rn