Unique mystery/thriller or horror book

I’m good with a lot of stuff like gore lgbt smut just please no fanfic okay? Yeet. Thanks.
(And for people who are looking for a book mine is thriller and mystery too just saying)

Just link cover and desc. Below please! Thank you!


Hi :smiley:

I checked your profile and saw that you like psychological types of horrors and thrillers. You even have some of the books I love in your reading lists! Cool :heart::+1:

I’m gonna take a look at your stories and see if I can finally get a good psychological story. I haven’t found a good one in a while. I’m currently readying one of @Z0mbies books which are always an AWEAOME read, but I like to read new stuff.

So, yeah. I firgot to say that I write that stuff too. Drop by my profileand see if you’ll find something that interests you. I would personally recommend my newest story Silent Hill: Angel. It’s a Paranormal Horror with an LGBT+ MC and some gory events.


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While recording his debut album in Arizona’s Paradise Valley during the summer, upcoming musician Adriel Cross finds himself falling in love with the wife of established actor Dominique Vega: Evangelina Lamontagne, America’s most coveted model. What starts as a one night stand turns into a dangerous affair when Evangelina is hired as an actress on the set of Adriel’s latest music video shoot. As the affair continues, so do the flashes of the paparazzi cameras, causing Dominique to act on his suspicions in the worst ways imaginable.

Link to story: https://my.w.tt/83r5jObFxX

Thank you for reading. Enjoy.

Commented and liked, great story!!!

You might get a kick out of my murder mystery In the Dark.


Asher Banning had great times with his parents and brother, Mason. But things stopped being wonderful after his mother died. Three years later, now in college, Asher does everything he can to move forward. That is, until, his best friend decides to use Asher’s old family vacation house as a reunion spot for all their friends.

His friends get together to help him not feel lonely for the holidays, but when they find some of their friends’ dead bodies, it all goes downhill and bump in the night. Asher’s curious mind wants to know what’s happening and most importantly, if someone is after them.

I update twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Chapter one is already out, chapter two is coming on Friday. The story is already completed and fully edited.

bump // checked out all your guys stories so far <3

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Hello, you might like my collab story!



When Valentina Linkin is offered a free trip to a tropical island, she takes up the offer without hesitation. Under no pressure to cut her vacation short, she hopes to enjoy the sun before starting her life over. However, the longer she stays, the more she finds strange things that can’t be ignored: freak illnesses, terrible accidents, and people who never come back from the hospital.

Ira Konstantinov admitted herself to the island hospital a year ago. Her life has never been a breeze, but she hit rock bottom when she was imprisoned and robbed of human sight. She waits in the darkness, trying to find her way above ground.

There are horrors on this island - on the surface, underground in the labs, and within the inhabitants themselves. Linkin and Ira are different now, and science hates imperfections.

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Horror and mystery you say? Hope you enjoy cryptids, roadtrips, and generally a bad time for everyone!


Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/158996891-the-disappearance-of-medora-izumi

Medora Izumi knows there is more to the world than what people believe. She turns over every stone just to find some sliver of the supernatural and prove it’s real to everyone that tells her she’s wrong. But when the Barnett Sibling Magic Show comes to town, it drops everything she’s ever wanted in her lap.

Ella and Jason Barnett are surrounded by unexplained phenomena hiding behind smoke and mirrors. Medora knows they can give her everything she’s searched for, but knowledge like that has its price. Framed for the arson of her town, Medora has no choice but to travel with Ella and Jason and discover the horror of what they really are.

But not everyone believes Medora is to blame. Her friends; Ilene, Gene, Kaylee, and Richie, set off across America to find Medora. But what they find is a road of misfortune and monsters. Can they find Medora when they have their own demons to face?

The longer Medora stays with Ella and Jason, the deeper she is pulled into their world. She must find a way to cut ties with them, but some deals are struck with more than blood and bone.

Warnings for strong language, themes of abuse, gaslighting, violence, body horror, and mentions of sexual assault and homophobia.

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Austin Jones, a budding medium, flees from his home in Havenwood, PA in the year 1999. He is running from a predestined position at the Department of Paranormal Research, an agency his family has run for decades. The ghost of his father, Richard, follows him.

In the fall of 2000, Austin finds himself in the town of Antlers, Colorado, cut off from the family bank account by his older brother and shacking up with easygoing med student Otter Redford. In search of a job, Austin finds himself an unwitting consultant to Sheriff Monty Maxwell and her deputy Mac, who take advantage of Austin’s mediumship to unravel the origins of the strange cases that only seem to happen in Antlers.

Antlers, Colorado is a complete story that is equal parts horror, humor, supernatural, and Southwestern gothic, with a cast of diverse, LGBT protagonists. It deals with themes of displacement, loss, familial loyalties, concepts of home and differences as strengths.

Read: https://www.wattpad.com/story/51659327-antlers-colorado

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As the house-party they went to goes especially wild, two college roommates find themselves closer than expected with their handsome hosts. The Jacksons.

Might be a dream come true. And might be that the college quarterback, his devil of an older sister, and their troublemaker brother are too much for the girls to handle.

The perspective switches between the five main characters in their whirling journey to find love.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/186373952-the-modern-journey

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This is my completed paranormal mystery/thriller about a unwitting host of something he can’t easily communicate with. If it sounds like your kinda thing, feel free to check it out!


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You might like Riverside’s Perfect Murder. It’s a little different.


Detective Rita Rawlins got the ten-sixty-five call “Armed Robbery in Progress.” Rita arrived at the Riverside Savings and Loan to find the security guard killed. It quickly became less about a robbery and more about a precision hit with zero clues. Except one of the bullets is laced with poison.
When Rita falls in love with the number one suspect, she struggles to keep the separation needed to solve the case and make an arrest.
Haunted by the death of Tony, her partner, Rita is suspended from the force. She has never been the kind of cop who leaves the job behind. She wants back in.
When her brother goes missing, Rita has no choice but to ask the suspected killer for help. Along the way, the two forge a fragile trust, but this new partnership is put to the test when the case takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.
Riverside’s Perfect Murder brings these two powerful people together in a riveting story that unfolds with furious momentum.


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When their eyes are locked she thought that his gaze would swallow her up completely. His eyes were scanning her body.

She barely breathes some air a d then looked away. Even he found something strange in her.

She sat in her seat and started to scan him. His eyes were dark black, and he had a glittering white skin. It was hard for her to look away. She had a feeling that she knew him for years, but she is seeing him for the first time.

He was still looking at her, her beautiful eyes, nose, and that rosy, juicy lips. He was craving for something. His eyes were intense.

“It’s a strange feeling, what’s happening to me”
She was asking this question to herself. From the corner of the cafeteria, he was still gazing at her. His eyes were flickering and glowing.

What if a vampire is in love with human. It can be for her soul or for her blood.


You should read “White shining skin” on #wattpad #vampirehttps://my.w.tt/Yndc37GobX

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Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager

[A novella in progress] Leona is a sixteen year old introverted writer hiding in her world of poetry who’s only friend is a boy she met online. James Greyson is the out going, charming, golden boy who’s family just moved to Tampa FL. He soon questions everything he has with the girl online who he only knows as Leo, when a girl at his new school captures his mind and soul with her poetry. Ridden with anxiety, Leona decides to keep her identity hidden from the only one who’s understood her. Her plan was working until she starts receiving texts from her father whos in prison for the murder of her mother.

Doubtful Poems by a Hopeful Teenager


Benjamin Peters has lived through many eras of history, including some of the worst outbreaks ever recorded. He has seen the plague come to reap the souls of thousands. Not just once, but twice. He has witnessed the illness brought forth by an industrialized world.

He has known a time when disease ran rampant and there was no hope for a cure.

But most of all, Benjamin has come to learn the art of killing. And it is all for the woman he was forced to watch die over and over; the woman he believes he is destined to save.



Hi! I write quite a few psychological thrillers, but if you’re interested, I have an ongoing one I’d recommend that is 5-6 chapters away from being complete. It’s called Lake Bellinor: Whispers of the Lake.

No one forgets the first time they lived through someone else’s nightmare.

You can’t get rid of it . . . you can’t ignore it . . . you can only control it.

Tyler Loftman comes to realize that when he is given a gift in which he has no idea why or how. Living through the dead isn’t something anyone wants to experience, yet to his distaste, he has no choice but to live with it. Whether it’s a curse or a blessing, remains unsaid.

So, when a girl turns up in the middle of the lake; no name and no witnesses, this may be his chance to figure it out.

In the town of Lake Bellinor, anything is possible.

Link: https://my.w.tt/mhnPORx6FX

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Horror // Thriller // Novel


There is power in a name.


Special agent Amy Jensen is captured by the sadist Lucius when her undercover mission goes wrong. After being stripped of her identity and tortured by him for a decade, she’s finally rescued. She’s left severely traumatised and suffers from amnesia but slowly recovers her memories with help of therapy. However, as her memories return, uncertainty about her newly regained freedom arises–as Lucius is still out there. And as long as Lucius is free, she never will be.

I’m interested in reading your book. I’m sort of writing thriller/romance or the other way round, so it could help lol :smiley:

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Even Time Bleeds

What if suffering could damage the fabric of space and time?

Black Bridge Farm is a place of pain and tormented memory. When the body of a young boy is found dead within its ruins another child, James Hendell, is convicted as the killer. Twenty eight years later James is released from prison, but his troubles are only just beginning.

His six year old niece is kidnapped and he is terrified that he will be blamed. He hires PI Jon Leary, ex Detective Inspector for Colchester CID, to look into his past. A past he cannot remember clearly. He claims to have been wrongly convicted of murder. If that is the case then Jon could be hunting a killer who has slipped through the net.

As Jon delves into James’ case his own daemons come echoing out of the past. An unstable father who fled, taking his older brother with him.

All the while the ruins of Black Bridge Farm call him closer. Speaking of fire, of blood and of pain. For they hold a secret. A horrifying truth and a new, disturbing reality.

Can time itself truly bleed?


Thank you so much.