this is just a plce where we can share our unpopular onions with each other
in my opinion, this one’s pretty unpopular looking, to be honest :wink:
also please no hate on anyones onions pls


riverdale is overhyped and should’ve ended after season one


Kpop gets far too much attention for how mediocre it is.




dogs should be accepted in more places than children (tell me why dogs act better than some toddlers people have? sorry not sorry.)


Idk maybe some people are allergic to them. just saying.


UO: don’t think babies are cute.
(I start liking little kids when they’re 2 or something cause they can at least talk or say something)


dude I swear if I was allergic to children- jk thats too mean


I find kids bearable until they’re 4-6


anime isn’t good.


They are fine for a while but when they are constantly around you it can get annoying.


UO: The whole vampire/werewolf trope seems uninteresting.


and that’s exactly why I had to reject every time I was offered RB with kindergarteners in the seventh grade for extra credits.




Casinos should be 18+ instead of 21+


In my country, it’s 18+


in my country it isn’t so I believe it should change because its unfair


Batman and spiderman suck.


There are a few casino’s where you have to be 21+ but in most of them 18+ is just fine.
Drinking age is also 18+
(most things here are 18+ lol)