I know. I just mean that it’s not that special. They’re just a boy band.


K-pop isn’t a band.


I’m sorry. What I meant is that the people of that genre aren’t any better than the rest. They’re all singers.


I guess I’d have to actually listen to K pop to have an opinion

I’m sure some is okay


I guess, but to me, they’re not that talented.


Yellow Starburst are the best Starburst


UO: Digimon Data Squad is great


i like the pink ones better


maybe it just means something to the people who like them. i dont really know what though.


Catwoman/Batman trope is too cliche for me and I feel Batman should be better linked with Talia Al Ghul. I also feel that Talia Al Ghul is not written rightly.

I hate Veronica squad and I love Betty Cooper who seems to be the real heroine for the series. I find Veronica to be on the nagging side but giving the more submissive role to the series while Betty cooper really have the cold side - she is the deserving cold queen.


My God, they’re like demons around that age.


I feel like they’re the WORST when they’re two


Pink starburst are one of the most popular flavors


makes sense


UO: MalexMale shippings make no sense and i f**king hate them


In what sense though?

Do you mean straight male X straight male ships?
Or do you mean any homosexual ship?


S t r a i g h t




I pose to you that Ogres are more similar to parfaits.


A-fucking-greed then.
I mean, I love shipping Drarry, but that’s the only straight-maleXstraight-male thing I’ve ever shipped.
And that’s just from the way I personally interpreted the relationship regarding tensions… Also, Tom Felton has made so many jokes about it and I think even he and Daniel Radcliff ship it. Lol