Wasn’t it just implied that He was a big fan of Emperor Septimius Severus for for saving Rome from Caracalla’s mismanagement? I’m pretty sure that was the major plot point of book 7.




J.K Rowling’s non-Harry Potter books are better.


I’m really upset that Pretty Cure isn’t well-known in the US or, really, anywhere outside Japan. Same with Little Witch Academia.
It’s extremely difficult to find merchandise for those two series that is nice and isn’t going to put me into debt for at least two months.

You know? I just want to buy some cute stickers and not search an hour, just to find some with a fan-art style that nowhere near the shows’ art styles and costs $3 just for one sticker.


UO: No u


UO: YouTube is starting to become something more for children when it should not and there should be a ban for children videos because there’s YouTube kids. YouTube and YouTube kids should be something entirely interesting. And they should change their trending page because it’s just things they want you to watch.


Youtube has been going downhill since years. The Trending Page staff team especially. It’s like they choose their applicants from elementary to middle schools and then toss them bags of meth before they start the job. Then they ignore their actual creators and promote shit 90% of the time. Like the backlash over the Super Chat guidelines or how Jimmy Kimmel and the Paul brothers somehow bribed the company for spots. Also, there’s T-Series now. Tik Tok is by far worse, but at least was a good block to prevent any more cringe from moving over to YT


UnPopular Opinion: Wattpad is becoming the new Tumblr and I now feel ashamed of what this place is coming to


Tumblr will always be it’s own things and I believe that Wattpad and it’s staff will stop anything too graphic, so I believe it has elements similar to tumblr but won’t become it.


In ways, you’re right, but if anything Wattpad is a bit more softcore Tumblr. And by that I mean it’s largely sensitive, they’re both a bit dead now, and they’re both a place for strange interests, queer communities, and by wiring a bit more liberal in idealistic terms. Like the enormous communities of horrible fanfiction or romance stories that make up a large part of Wattpad


Then in a way isn’t Instagram the same exact thing as Wattpad and Tumblr?


Kind of, except while I would see Wattpad and Tumblr to be full of weird communities full of strange crap from what I’ve largely seen to be mostly filled with some manners or types of social outcasts, Instagram is full of more plastic in both literal and figurative terms people who try their best to not be perceived as social outcasts and try to appear to be living lavish lives to stick with the times while Wattpaders usually act like strangers to the times [at least this is a generalization I’ve made from all the stuff I’ve observed here]

But it’ll be game over in a few years when Wattpad will eventually add some image-sharing or group-type chat thing like Discord, which if I know well enough, will become inevitable by then


unpopilar onkion im too dumb to be on wattpad


I hate when people ship Pan and Killian from OUAT together. They not only straight males but also 15 years apart and one is married. It’s not okay.


Not only that Killian is married to Emma, who’s son is Henry who’s great great grandfather is pan so uh






unpopular onion all your pets are ugly get a ferret instead


also this timeline is so weird cause somehow 90% of henry’s timeline are villians, except killian, emma, baelfire, and mr. gold


Haha right. Man, and that family tree is freaking crazy!