Shippers gonna ship.


unpopular opinion dogs are creepy because they often stare at you for really long periods of time especially in the bathroom but if you get a ferret thatll never happen


That happens with every pet,
But I believe that the reason that that doesn’t happen because ferrets shouldn’t be anywhere near your bathroom


Agreed! Especially since its stated in the TOS (actual legal documents that no one ever dares to read!) that you have to be older then 13 to have an account on YT.

I know I watched a lot of YouTube as a little kid, but I never cried to my mommy and to the comment sections whenever I heard a bad word. I just shrugged and kept watching our left the video. My mom never cared either, as long as I didn’t repeat the words.

Parents should watch their own children and make sure that the child isn’t watching things thst are too inappropriate for them. It shouldn’t fall into the fault of the creators when a child hears something in appropriate.


Well that won’t happen with elephants either, because people won’t be able to own an elephant and chances are they won’t be able to see or fit past through your bathroom door. Also who the hell lets their dog in the bathroom while they’re taking a crap??


They just stare at you because they love you and need to make due you’re okay 24/7.


UO: Li Xiangfei is the best KoF girl


UO: I don’t listen to KPOP or BTS, but that doesn’t mean i don’t like them, i just don’t listen to their songs


Season 2 of riverdale is so forgettable and I wish it shouldn’t have happened


UO: Bad fandom doesn’t mean that the series is bad. Some things are really good, it’s just that some of them have a cringeworthy/bad fandom. However, there are actually some good people in some fandoms, it’s not really super easy finding them though. It depends on who you are talking to, depends on who you are friends with, some people are good and nice, fandom person or not.


UO: I can live without memes.


a bit popular UO: I like Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion).


UO: I like ketchup on my hot dogs.


How is that unpopular? Lol.


I’ve heard it has a stigma.


I only have ketchup on my hotdogs. Nothing else goes on the hot dogs and I don’t use ketchup for anything BUT hot dogs. Lol


I don’t, I only put mustard on it.


I’m pretty sure ketchup is one of the most popular hotdog toppings.




UO: Coffee is gross.

And if you are one of those people who are always late because you “can’t function” before your morning triple shot espresso or whatever, I will totally judge you. A dependency on stimulants shouldn’t be celebrated.