Finally someone said it!


UO: I don’t care about “Tetsuo and K9999” stuff, i like K9999 even though he looks like Tetsuo Shima


isn’t that fact, not onion


I think it’s ok, but I’d rather have some meat to top it off.


I think onions rings are better than raw onions. WHO’S WITH ME!?


yaaaaas! down with it’s disgusting face!!! :smiling_imp:


The only birds that don’t freak me out are ones that can’t fly…actually no scratch that-ostriches are terrifying.

The only birds that don’t freak me out are penguins. Usually


Who in the world thinks raw onions are good? They’re only good cooked


Red onions, diced, with lettuce, beef tomato, mature cheddar and a homemade bread roll is one of my favourite lunch meals


… I’d eat the roll and the cheddar


UO: Not everything that isn’t really popular is instantly “underrated”, some people just don’t like/can’t get into it.


My grandmother made meatloaf yesterday, but I’m pretty sure it was undercooked or smth because it felt really mushy compared to normal and was more pink than I feel it should have been.
Oh well! If I never show up again, we know why. Lol


Meet Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia:


UO: I don’t like SLAYER (used to, but honestly i don’t really like metal songs and don’t even listen to them, especially Slayer, not my cup of tea)




UO: Neon Genesis Evangelion is actually good anime


I didn’t know it was so hated.


UO: the 70s were the best decade


The 70s were better than the 80s music-wise


UO: download