Tbh the 80s might have been the worst decade for music


Yeah, and there are a lot of memes about it, especially the characters


I think you give Clare too much credit.


I think ice cream is overrated.
Seriously…it’s not that good. And why are you so surprised it’s cold? It’s ice cream. What did you expect?


Chocolate is disgusting, anime is boring, I hate X, all rapper shouldn’t be considered rappers. I hate kpop, I dislike Emma chamberlain as well as the Dolan Twins. I dislike Halsey and Selena Gomez. Romance novels on here are overrated. Half of the people who get famous off of Wattpad really shouldn’t


I think tomatoes taste disgusting


Raathi is really the only person off of Wattpad who got mainstream is the only one that really deserves the recognition, under her genre.


That’s popular, unpopular would be that they taste good


Youtube is lame now too…


That’s popular


uo: i like rap music (its an unpopular opinion here tho)


uo: noodles are fucking terrifying idk why


Really?I Don’t hear anyone say so






im jk dont kill me


but it’s popular everywhere else ksksk


yo rap music is the shit, honestly makes 80% of my playlist


unpopular opinions are for the most part popular opinions

^ an unpopular opinion


UO: Memes are life