They’re really not


To each their own


One of the most popular opinions: I don’t care if you did surgery on the grape, I want to see you stitch it back up


Actually I’ve seen many conversations with someone pointing out that the “unpopular” opinions were the popular ones. So this opinion you just expressed is also popular.

Unfortunately for me other people called the person who called the other person out too so I’m bound to get my comeuppance here in a few minutes D:


UO: Not all memes are good or funny


lmao I meant for it to be contradictory dude, I just admited that unpopular opinions are popular then continued to call it an unpopular opinion


oof my bad

wow see, it only took two minutes


Oh well, I’m just saying


Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the rings are overrated.


I literally don’t see anyone that even likes Star Trek or Lord of the Ring. But if you really think about it, everything’s overrated lol


Star Wars (along with Ghostbusters, tbh) is an entertaining, cute franchise with really overly zealous fans and I’ll never get it. Then again, I’ve only seen the original trilogy.


Commenting on the opinions of others are rarely ever necessary unless that original opinion was rude, you want clarification, or if you were already having a conversation.


UO: I’m sick of hearing about Batman.


Me with Superman .


… I’m Batman.

Jk. Jk. Agreed. Sick of hearing about super heroes in general.


Unpopular opinion: “Pleased or Delighted” is a dead meme


That’s a VERY unpopular opinion :wink::joy:


UO (not sure if I said it here already): I don’t hate country music.


Weddings are not romantic. Being stared at by a bunch of people can’t be romantic.


I’ve never thought of it like that before.