Here is my unpopular onion.

It has dreams of becoming popular one day, but for now it’ll have to make do.

But fr though my unpopular opinion is that I don’t understand the hype for chocolate. It’s just… not that good?


i like country music, it just has to be a certain kind of country music and also it has to be really old


True that


My unpopular opinions:

-selfies are dumb
-Rihanna, Beyoncé, and most pop singers are overrated
-Orange flavored things suck (except for clementines and Fanta)
-I think almost every girl looks better w/o makeup then they do with it on (especially those girls that always have that shiny makeup on that makes them look like their faces are all greasy…like what???)
-God’s pretty awesome
-The Notebook sucks

Obviously I have more unpopular opinions but I’m dealing with that thing where you’re trying to remember something because you want to talk about it but you’re not gonna remember until it’s too late, ya know?


i think its called highlighter. idk why it makes them look sweaty


the only orange thing i like is oranges. and orange soda


Strawberries are nasty.


Lol tell that makeup comment to my acne-covered face :joy::joy:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure people find it prettier when I cover that up!


UO: Not respecting all onions is ok, after all, some onions make you cry really bad


Superman is hugely overrated, overpowered and boring


UO: Not all onions go to heaven


Fvck it, I’m going to say it.

UO: Ryan Reynolds ruined Deadpool and his second movie is mediocre.


OMG :sob::sob:


Something I’d probably get lots of beating for:
Shawn Mendez is a mediocre singer at best. His cracked yowling is hugely annoying, his songs mostly bland and he’d be nothing without his pretty face.


Certain problems are quite solvable with the right kind of violence.


I think I have daddy issues. Lol


Wonder Woman is a terrible and overrated film and probably only gets the attention it gets because of feminism and DC’s terrible film streak.


I love Wonder Woman, but I agree that it’s only seen as so good because most DC films are so bad.

The only good DC movies, in my opinion, are the Dark Knight Trilogy and WW


He ruined it? How’d he do that?

(I’m not saying I disagree since I haven’t seen it, but from what I’ve heard he was a major figure in getting a faithful Deadpool movie made and since the movies were critically and commercially successful, I just didn’t expect this kind of opinion.)


I, personally loved Deadpool, so I disagree. I even thought the second was better than the first! But I totally respect the opinion! It’d be cool to know why, though, just to see what one person sees that I don’t. :blush: