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J.K Rowling is bad at writing female characters.


I raise you one.

JK Rowling is not a great writer.

Disclaimer that I love HP because of the storyline and characters, but JK has so many plot holes and her writing style itself leaves much to be desired, despite the fact that she tries to avoid using “said” so much that she started using words like “ejaculated” :joy:


Literary critic Harold Bloom once commented that she always says ‘stretched their legs’ whenever describing going for a walk


God, now whenever I reread HP I won’t be able to stop seeing that! Thanks :roll_eyes::joy:


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I would say her stories are interesting, though her actual execution is poor. I’m currently reading the Cormoran Strike books and my GOD, the female lead character is annoying.

So there’s two leads. The male is an ex-army veteran with one leg. He’s got some alcohol issues, struggles with relationships. He’s a huge brooding man with a bit of weight on him and ‘pube’ hair though always gets these super model girlfriends because of his charm. Flawed, but highly likeable.

The female character is this BEAUTIFUL (and oh is she not afraid to mention this in every page) woman, with a perfect boyfriend who proposes to her at the start of the first book. She’s got a Yorkshire accent so she’s ‘exotic’ from a Londoner’s comparison, and has NO flaws. In fact, as well as having no flaws, she’s so annoying better at everything than the male lead. She’s an expert driver because she took ‘off-road driving lessons’ when she was bored, when told to do something she doesn’t just do it but does it in such an extra manner that she’s basically Hermoine only the detective novel version. THIS is not how you write a female character. This is a Mary Sue. And whenever she has an argument with her boyfriend it’s always him that’s in the wrong because Robin can do no wrong.


That sounds… so bad

tbh I stopped wearing my favorite HP earrings which I had worn for literally 5 years because I was so done with JKR trying to continue the series and failing so miserably

Just let it be, JK. Just let it be.


Also the fact that she’s proven she’s homophobic by queer baiting her books and the latest non-gay Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2 plus the fact that all of her characters were white and people pointed it out and instead of saying that yeah they were she decided to say that she had always pictured Harry as Indian??? Like, the woman fought for every actor to be even the same NATIONALITY of her characters and she wants me to believe that she didn’t fight for an Indian boy to play Harry if she pictured him as Indian? Nah.

JK has become problematic AF


If she wants to be more diverse (great!!! yay!!!) she should write a new book rather than try to claim she was a beacon of diversity all along



Yes! I think we’ve already had a JK sand HP rant together haven’t we? :joy:


Yes, I think so :joy:

I love HP and I think it shaped who I am as a person in a good way, but I do not like what it’s becoming.


Me neither! Plus, when I read the books, I force myself to get through the writing sometimes and just straight out laugh at it at certain points! I’m pretty sure JK got rejected so many times because of her writing in itself.

Also, I will always love HP and be a super fan but MAN THERE’S MANY PLOT HOLES​:joy::joy: Now that I’m older they bother me! And Cursed Child - though I don’t count it as HP because it rea dlike fanfiction where the author had never read HP - made one of the biggest plot holes even bigger! UGH


I’m ignoring all the supplementary stuff that came out after Beedle the Bard


THANK YOU!!! Probably the most generic music genre in recent memory yet way too many people are into it


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-I hate all things twilight. It’s a terrible series and I can’t see why people like it.
-Cherry flavored anything is gross
-I prefer Android to Apple
-Hulu originals are mostly terrible
-I don’t care nor have any opinions pertaining to politics (stop telling me I should care more)

So many more juicy unpopular opinons


Two words: Luna Lovegood.


i posted these in another UO thread but thought i’d share here too, just want to find more opinions on my opinions.

the first one is that cishet asexual people dont belong in LGBT+. the other is that demisexuality is not a sexuality and again, does not belong in LGBT+.