what makes you think that? personally, shes my favorite side character in the series. i love her sm


That’s my point, I’d marry her on the spot if I had a chance.


ah, i misunderstood. my bad.

tbh i liked her way better than i liked a lot of other important characters in the story. i’d choose luna over ron any day


Why? Can chu elaborate?

Again, elaborate please~?


to the first part, im not saying theyre not vaild. they totally are and i love them. its just kinda weird to me for a straight cis person try to squeeze into LGBT+. if an asexual person is like, romantically bi/pan/gay or trans then they belong in LGBT+.

and since im not good at explaining this one, im gonna quote something that sums it well:
“Demisexual: A person who does not feel attraction (Romantic or Sexual) with someone until they have a strong bond with an individual. I feel this is just some sub-category that has been made up by people (no doubt on tumblr) so they can pass off as being special or different. There’s literally nothing unusual or different about needing to have a strong bond first. I myself can’t feel true attraction until I bond with someone. That doesn’t make me or anyone else who might feel the same any different. It’s just a personal preference and mindset. I fit in to the exact definition and I have had many people tell me i’m demisexual. These categories are just dumb and idiotic. Needing to have a bond first is completely natural. Not a big deal. Stop trying to act like everything needs to be a sexuality! Finding someone attractive (aesthetically pleasing) is NOT the same as actually being attracted to them in a sexual or romantic/whichever way. They aren’t synonymous. But it’s strange that people don’t understand that.”



Sorry, I just like explanation when someone gives an opinion on things like sexuality and stuff so I don’t misunderstand. :slight_smile:


thats understandable, theres so many terms and categories and subcategories to LGBT+ recently that i can see literally anyone becoming confused.


Like the Human/Human/Humans thing. That one really confuses me


that ones confuses me, too. ive also seen I/I/I
like what

theres one thats kinda controversial but im cool with it, and thats just myname/myname/myname. it would probably get confusing in some conversations though, just saying one name too many times in one sentence lmao


Sorry to sort of butt in but I think your take is 100 and I agree.

I’ve seen some folk (Tumblr so idk if it counts) where its uh, no pronouns at all, and I still don’t really know how to address em since I’ve been snapped at for using ‘dude’ or ‘bro’ with that person (like I do with literally everyone).


lmao what? i dont think ive been “hurt” by someone calling me dude/bro since i was like, a little kid. some of these people really need to grow up tbh.

theres on gender neutral term i like, and its buckaroo. its funny and no one should be mad at it. tho no one should be mad at dude or bro either LMAO


UO: Just because something is dark doesn’t always means it’s “edgy”


I think that I’ll start calling everyone buckaroo! That’s fricken hilarious





Haha, I can’t disagree with anything you just said.




Stupid apple proprietary. They can eat my farts


My brother is majorly into apple and I don’t like Apple.


Apples are only good for eating​:laughing::laughing: Android should just take over the world along with all other companies that proprietise technology and information.


I dont even like food apples. :joy: