UO: Screw Rei and Asuka, Maya is the best Evangelion girl


I don’t know about the Ireland thing, but I know that Samhain is literally just the origins of Halloween. Halloween is, from what I observe, the very similar as it’s origins minus the religious/spiritual side.


I think Samhain is mostly known to us because it was widely celebrated in Ireland, Scotland (the Highlands at least) and Mann in relatively recent times. I’m not sure if it’s still practiced though.


Yes, it’s still practiced. Pagans practice their holidays and traditions.

This website shows some things that some Pagans do on October 31st.

And more information, including how the tradition of costumes started.


I know pagans practice revivalist Samhain, but I’m wondering if the traditional Irish (and Scottish, and Manx) celebration is widely practiced in Ireland.

Like if you go to a small Irish village, probably predominantly Catholic, rural, farmers, would they observe Samhain as a tradition they inherited?


You could look it up… It was in the news, but I never clicked the link.


Death is inevitable.




Children under 4 should be banned from cinemas


Agreed. They should also be banned from concerts… It could seriously damage their ears and movies could damage their eyes. Since concerts are really loud to where even young adults feel deaf afterwards for a while. And movies theatres are bright lights in a dark room.

Not to mention, baby crying is annoying af.


Netflix shouldn’t make movies because they don’t expand their audience to more than 12-15 and their movies are boring and overrated


I don’t think Netflix movies are overrated. Nobody seems to like them


To all the boys I’ve loved before? The kissing booth?

They get unnecessary hype and then everyone is disappointed, which is exactly why they should stop spending money on movies


never heard of them


Who or the possibly most overrated movie to ever surface Netflix


UO: Guilty Gear is freaking awesome, not the best fighting game in my opinion though (i am not expert on fighting games, so i rather call them great, good, awesome etc). That doesn’t prevent it from being extremely awesome anyway.


There’s some absolute gems though

Annihilation (by far one of the best scifi I’ve seen recently)
Beasts of No Nation

It’s a good platform for indie producers that cannot afford distribution costs


Lol I kind of hated it, honestly


I think it’s a marmite film, I loved the atmosphere, the characters, and the plot itself.


I liked the acting and the plot started out okay and then fell apart and completely flopped for me. They forgot the entire science portion of science fiction and just started to have nothing make sense tbh. The book did a good job of putting the science in the the movie failed on almost all aspects of that for me. The plot just fell apart, in my opinion.

Scenery? Good!

Acting? Great!

Plot? Falls apart and makes no sense :joy: