To me it made sense as it was a story about self-destruction which is why the alien did what it did after it copied np (trying to avoid spoilers here xD)

Besides, it’s not a proper adaptation of the book because the director only had a very early draft of the book when he directed the film.


No, I know that, but the self-destruction plotline made them completely miss on the sci-fi aspect, which is the most major aspect of the plot! Instead of being a focused biologist trying to find out the truth, Lena is a adulterer who, when in the freaking Shimmer where people are dying and they’re experiencing a whole new way life, can only focus on the fact that she cheated on her husband. The worst part is that, other than kind of, sort of, maybe explaining her husband’s motive for going into the Shimmer, it doesn’t matter at all to the overarching sci-fi plot and the scene is shown multiple times.

I was promised a good sci-fi with great actors and all I got was great actors in an adultery drama with some cool colours and creatures :joy:

The plot just isn’t coherent or the separate plotlines don’t work together for me :woman_shrugging:




K-pop is honestly the worst thing to ever come into existence.


Meh, I kind of disagree because I liked the side plotline showing her as a not-so-perfect character who goes after her husband because she feels guilty due to the fact he left for this mission due to finding out about the affair. The ending is a reflection on that, she gives it a go to start over and maybe do better.

But I totally respect your opinion. I know a lot who hated it and others who loved it. Asides from Blade Runner 2049 it’s my favourite scifi since Ex Machina and Interstellar.


I just think that they pushed any of the actually scientific parts out the window to use that subplot. They completely ignored the actual plot part of the way through the movie and decided to focus on the subplot, leaving me kind of angry because it wasn’t a true sci-fi film to me :woman_shrugging:


Not even joking, I was reading comments at one part of a story and they literally start talking about BTS for absolutely no reason. It was 100% irrelevant. It gets super annoying seeing this all the time. I cannot stand it for that reason.


I can’t even find one story or anything with out seeing some story about some K-POP stars no one cares about.


I can’t find anything without the mention of K-pop anywhere. Every single YouTube video comment section, every book comment section, everything. It’s all over. It’s not even relevant! I have no problem when people like something and get happy when they find another with the same interest, but this one is just annoying. The fandom got old really fast because they are talking about it everywhere and I cannot seem to avoid it. Like yeah, Y’all like the same thing! Get over it already! Normal people do not need to mention their favorite group in every post, comment, etc. Especially where it’s not even relevant.



Do you see this?! Where is the relevance of it?!


My friend likes Panic at the disco and she just talks about how much she likes them. She’s okay. She’s just a fan.

My other friend(s) are completely obsessed with K-pop. I can never get away from it, thanks to them. She told me that she knows their blood types, addresses, and other secret information. Then had the nerve to say she wasn’t obsessed!


I’m… Even im obsessed with some celebrities and I don’t know that much. That’s just creepy.


She judges me for listening to Prince, Queen, The rolling stones and others.

This was our conversation this morning.

Me: Freddie Mercury? Dead. Prince? Dead. Their music? Forever lives on. Bts? Sucks.

Friend: You make me sick. Don’t talk to me

Me: :unamused::unamused::roll_eyes::neutral_face::expressionless:


Yep sounds about right.


They stole my phone to look at pictures of k-pop guys.


I would never be okay with my search history being full of K-pop. No. I cut off a friendship after that. :joy:


I’ve never listened to K-pop, what does it sound like


I don’t know. It’s the fandom I can’t stand.


I was forced to listen to it. It’s literally Koreans singing in Korean. It’s not that special. No one can even understand it


You know lots of people speak Korean, right? It’s not some extinct language.