Unpopular Opinions/Just My Opinions

  1. George O’Malley (from Grey’s Anatomy) sucks. I think he was a horrible character.
  2. I like Stefan more than Damon. I also think he’s cuter. (Vampire Diaries)
  3. I loved Alex and Izzie together… Hate Alex and Joe together (Grey’s Anatomy)
  4. Peanut M&M are the best M&M.
  5. Vanilla is the best candle smell.
  6. The Twilight movies were fantastic and I love them.
  7. All bottled water taste different.
  8. Coke in a can taste different than coke in a bottle.
  9. Jackson should have stayed with Stephanie I think they were perfect together. (Grey’s Anatomy)
  10. I hated Nellie when she was the “manger” loved her when she became the special projects manager. (The Office)
  11. How I met Your Mother is better than Friends.
  12. The last season of That '70s Show sucks. Jackie and Hyde should have ended up together.
  13. Gabbie Hanna is underrated.
  14. Some movies are better than the book.

Hi. Just making conversation and responding to your “unpopular/just opinions”

  1. I never watched Grey’s Anatomy. With a father doctor, a brother doctor, and a doctor uncle… I don’t watch medical shows :joy::roll_eyes:
  2. I like Damon.
  3. Nope, no GA for me…
  4. The best are Unreal brand with peanuts. They don’t have any of the chemically created colors and NO corn syrup. Give them a try.
  5. I like anything that has to do with the ocean and sand smells for candles
  6. Meh
  7. All bottled water is filtered water. I’m sure they all taste different.
  8. Absolutely. Coke in a bottle should taste better. I do’t drink any kind of soda. Don’t lke them.
  9. Again… no GA for me
  10. Agree, they just ran out of ideas. Still an awesomely hilarious show.
  11. Debatable
  12. Agree
  13. Who? lol
  14. Which ones?

i like stefan more than damon too

i’m sorry but i will always hate nellie lol

I’m not sure how unpopular this opinion is, but I can’t stand most big Youtubers. A lot them seem so fake.

P.S @RBishop152,

I’m guessing you watch Grey’s Anatomy.

The Maze Runner was the one I was mainly thinking of. I liked the movie way more than the book.

Yeah, Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorites.

Ah ok. I never read the books. I think the movies are just ok, my dad loves them for some reason, go figure :woman_shrugging:t4:

You lost me at #1 cuz George O’Malley rocks! :ghost:


I agree with all of these.

Not sure on movies since I can’t think of any right now, but as far as shows better than books, CW continually proves that can be true (TVD, The 100)

Coke in a can does taste different than coke in a bottle and yes I agree that Hyde and Jackie should have ended up together.

I don’t watch TV so I will not comment on those


No, that’s Pumpkin Spice


Also agree

The Shining and Jurassic Park, yes.

The Lord of The Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and every Dracula movie that has ever come out, NO