Unpopular Opinions XXXX






uwu tryna test out this new platform looks cool so far


I like it here… I think? :thec0venvirtualmascot:


Here here.


At the rate of how things are going on Wattpad the unpopular opinion will be that you like these clubs :laughing::laughing: Most people are hating on it before they give it a real chance.








Still not really a fan but hmmm


I love these clubs like oh my lord LOVE LOVE LOVE :makaylasophia:


There are different themes btw
Dark, classic and default
You can also post pictures and gifs without hassle (drag and drop/upload)
The coding’s a bit different if you’re really into html, and the site doesn’t have pagination, but at least you can search for forums * - *
Also be sure to leave feedback in the site feedback area cx


UO: Turkey burgers are a fuckton better than beef.


Unpopular Opinion: it’s better being tall than being short. It’s all a lieeeee


oof me loves turkey bacon


Same same sameeeeeee


Unpopular Opinion: I like these clubs better than the other clubs.


So far I don’t hate the clubs, but I have some aspects that I believe if changed or fixed would improve the user friendliness of the clubs and make it easier to navigate.


UO: I love the clubs.

Best feature: Not having to have one million tabs open to code and add pictures.


Reviving because Beastars is an amazing manga