Unpopular Opinions XXXX


Thank you. TBH I wasn’t sure what people will think of it. Had many parts of it that I felt would be at conflict with my readers, but they seem to like it.


Drake got some dope songs. But I only listen to him if i have no new music to listen to. I was talking about these soundcloud rappers


Never. My writing is okay and it can always get better.


I feel this on a spiritual level. :rofl:

Restlessness always makes attempt to juggle 1333344645656 ongoing projects at a time.


Same! I seem to get loads of story ideas when I least need them


Probably don’t work.


Probably not, it looked very fake. Its interesting though


Me: I’m going to woek on 3 stories at a time, max.

Looks at open novel contest prompts.

Me: Shit.


I’m glad they like it.


I’ve given up writing tbh, it started out as a hobby and even though I had success in the early days I didn’t have the drive to take it further. I still write here and there but my goals lie elsewhere.


I just came up with tons of books to write and I haven’t finish any of my books.


Understandable. Hobbies have to be put aside eventually.


Urgh what? Ive never heard of these guys…maybe coz UK scene is different idk


The open novella contest is too much of a temptation. I had like 5 story ideas floating around, but I’m forcing myself to only work on one


I hope wattpad stays bot free. I like having to work for my followers


unpopular option: overly dominant and protective males in books is getting old


Same here. I like Wattpad in general


Me too. I have too many books I’m currently working on. Will have to give it a pass, sadly, but I’ve pocketed some ideas.


I don’t think this’ is unpopular, but I’ll agree.

(Maybe because I can’t write people like this and I’m salty.)


That’s good. I have an entire word document of story ideas. It’s so tempting