Unpopular Opinions XXXX


There horrible.Hopefully you never do.


I feel like every male character in certain genres are the same guy


That is a fact not an opinion in my eyes. I feel you it’s annoying.


I just googled it, aren’t these the guys Eminem dissed?


Me too



The ‘Lil’ rappers in the world. there so many rappers with lil,NBA. omg help us.


Yeah, that character archytype is dominate, but there are very sweet stories. That’s my flavour of writing. Couldn’t write a ‘sexy’ dominary person if I tried.


People have been making the same complaints for all my time on the site, but its an popular genre and route to success and hasnt dropped in popularity.


I fixed the link Btw


When old people read my books I’m never sure what to think.


Me either


I love them, but at the same time they make the most out of place comments. So formal, so sweet.


lol. Like the people asking why are the charaters gays. And stupid stuf like that.


Making covers when your supposed to be writing



“Reading this book is equivalent to drinking coffee in an open veranda on a beautiful sunday morning. Simply refreshing and heart warming. :heart:

"I was displaced by a fire last May and only recently reconnected with Wattpad.

What a joy to resume reading your story!

What a sorrow to find it finished!

What an adventure to explore your others!"

Then there’s this retired gay couple that share an account and read my stuff together.

“Actually a very marvelous story that both Douglas and I enjoyed reading and following. Thank you so very much.”


Awww so cute


Lmfao. I thankfully never get people like that.


“Also just wanted to say that your characters are some of the realest characters I’ve ever read and even though I haven’t gone through any of the things they’ve gone through I can definitely connect with their emotions simply because you make them so real it’s hard not to connect with them. Again you’re amazing and this is my first time reading your work and I have finished this book in the span of one day (today, that’s how good it is) and I can’t wait to read more of your work. You’ve really captured human emotion in an amazing and sincere way, and sometimes it’s so raw it’s like i can literally imagine being the characters.”

Okay, I think I feel better now. Looking at comments and reviews across sites always lifts my mood.


Me, but with mood boards. :rofl:


Good, I know people who write LGBT+ or Boy xBoy. And they are like “why are they gay” in comments and I will be facepalming myself. Sometimes I just leave the wattpad app so I don’t say anything irrational.