Unpopular Opinions XXXX


Lol :joy:


Your comments and reviews make me smile.


I gotta read some of your books. Lol I see what there talking about.


If you ever do give Like Sugar or Kissing Wounds a read. I’m extremely proud of those.


I think in a way comments and feedback from readers help you identify your ‘style.’

My writing is in no way dramatic or action packed, but I have emotion — and I’ll drown whatever I write in it.


Petty confession: I didn’t listen to Hamilton until yesterday because people kept flooding my comment section with Hamilton references in 2016.


I saw kissing wounds in wattpad shortlist. AND I WAS LIKE YASSSS. I have that added to my reading list and library but I haven’t read it yet due to me, not reading.

I’m gonna read your book and hopefully, I can help me with express emotion through writing because I personally horrible at that. I think it because I’m so used to keeping my emotions in.


And now that I’ve heard it I can’t stop listening to Guns and Ships and My Shot.


Your writing my motivate me to write again maybe,


Never read or listen to Hamilton. I hear about but I aviod it.


Dope… Wow. I was gonna be like nope (not pop music) but it’s pretty good.


It’s actually really good. I’m enjoying it currently. Ha, Wish I had listened to it when they were still having shows on broadway.


I see why this dope


The french character’s (Lafayette) parts cracks me up.


I love this because it’s so modern. But still keeps the oldness of the book.


If I was a teacher and had to teach the American Revolution I’ll just make my students listen to the whole of Hamilton.

I know how much rap can help with remembering stuff. LMAO I still have the definition of Ionization stuck in my head from a rap and I haven’t done chemistry in years.


YESSS. So would i it’s would engage them. Instead of boring the life out of them.


Now everyone will be asking me why I’m rapping:

"Alexander joins forces with James Madison and John Jay to write a series of essays

Defending the new United States constitution

Entitled The Federalist papers

The plan was to write a total of twenty-five essays

The work divided evenly among the three men

In the end, they wrote eighty-five essays, in the span of six months

John Jay got sick after writing five

James Madison wrote twenty-nine


Honestly looks like a stripe from a textbook.


Lol :joy:


Welp I got a new songs to play on repeat.