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When you just want to sit in your room and be sent into a blissful mental state.


yes. just yes


well i gotta go to. Have a nice day and night. I had a nice time talking to all of you.


Ah damn, I did the wrong thing of checking a far-right YouTube channel, there was nothing wrong with the video per see, but my mistake was to read the comments, and the I just checked the comments in other videos…

I became intrigued because I found a niche of people with some crazy ideas, but couldn’t find more information about their bold claims elsewhere on the internet, so I’m not sure how big or small or active those people are.

In general they are just people who hate/fear change and want everything to return some good 100 years back, to the good old days where they could have some power and privilege that today they have no more (or must work much harder to get it).

There was a lot of fear mongering, it was the first time I saw someone referring to immigrants as aliens (a common attempt to view others as enemy is to strip them of their humanity) and pretty much how they blame everything on women.

Like, I read many comments and it was a full circle jerk because doesn’t matter what a woman does, she is wrong. They complain that they have to work to sustain women and children and that women are lazing at home, don’t consider child and home care as important, so women are doing nothing. But they also complain when women work because they are not raising their children and I’m like “so, doomed if you stay and doomed if you run. Got it. Women are wrong because they are women.”

Like, seriously? What is wrong with these people?


Sorry, had to rant there.
Reading youtube comments in highly polemic channels is always a bad idea.


YouTube is shitty these days, bring back the days of E-Dubble songs over MW2 Montages.


REALLY. The world has always been this way since the dawn of time. Men now only want women so the can f*ck the brains out of them, cook, clean. These jerks are probably a whole bunch of men that married or relationship is horrible. And they ain’t getting any so let’s complain in the comment section. And take all my anger out on women.


yes they need to bring that back.


When a certain person keeps bringing up the fact that certain person is your boyfriend.

You said that like fifty times chill. I not trying to holla at him… high school :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Can’t wait for college…:joy:


Can’t drink till 21 tho, I feel so sorry for you guys.

(Yes I know people will drink anyway, but it’s not the same!)


Yeah they will, I don’t want to though.

Your so lucky you hit the place where people are somewhat mature and 50% less petty


Really? What makes u say that?


Because people in college aren’t as immature. I know they can be crazy trust be i’m a dual (i go toclas with some colleg students) there crazy lol.

But in high school here all sorts of unesscary petty.


I think it’s because for you guys High school ends at 18, for is its 16 and then for two years we’re in sixth form.

Sixth form is a really great gap between high school and College/uni where you’re mildly treated like an adult.


Tbh Idk


Never fucking read the youtube comments. A hellscape.

Just read one that was like If you believe racism exists you wouldn’t marry a black man (talking to the white lady in the video) and make your children brown and suffer."

The amounts of what the fuck in this one sentence.


Wait, if I have to suffer so does everyone here’s the hell of a comment section.


From my experience, I think it’s because these new clubs are way more complex to understand than the old ones were. As in, a lot of people don’t realise that they need to go through a tutorial in order to start working them. It isn’t made apparent anywhere the site. I only knew when I posted this remark on an ambassador-maintained profile book that was talking these clubs in the sections about how to get votes and comments on Wattpad stories.


Ah… Now, I understand why I’m confused. :joy::joy:


Yes, it ends at 18. I turn 18 on March 2. Like kinda like dual. I’m in college and high. And teh college students are so mature. Mildly threaten when They see a high schooler in their class. They always are like I haven’t seen you on campus. And I bee like that’s because I’m a high schooler

Then they start asking fifty billion questions. Like I am a prodigy. And I will be like no. I’m a senior.

They are like how you look like a middle schooler.

Nope, still 17.

Other than that. There more mature and pleasant to be around.