Unpopular Opinions XXXX


If I saw that I would tear them to shreds fr. Like there some miserable people in the world. and you can find them on the internet.


Don’t have too high expectations, there’s some crazy people at college too who will start a protest for the stupidest reasons.

There’s also loads of intolerance for opposing views and just general shittyness.

But hey if you go to a college/uni where the students are more interested in having fun you can have the time of your life!


Thank you for the amazing college advice.

I’m mildly optimistic. Buti will keep my expectations at a medium level.
Yeah, protests lol. I got asked to join one.

And I was like no.

But the only thing I need to worry about is these weirdos guys. A few guys on campus found out I was in high school they kept inviting me to there parties. And I’m like I’m 17. They don’t give a crap. Then one follow me all the way to my car.

And I was like woahhhhh bro get away from me.


That’s a struggle I can’t relate too.

The biggest thing I encourage high schoolers/people wanting to go college to do is move out of home. You’ll learn more than anything a school or curriculum can teach you.


You don’t want to. These college guys are kinda weridos. Lowkey.

Here you go again with the amazing advice. I’m so glad this club is full of older people. I can learns so much,


Can’t tell if sarcasm lol

Being a uni guy myself I can tell you best thing is always to stay in a group, even better a mixed one(in terms of genders). If we’re out or something loads of guys ask me if its okay to make a move on some of my friends who are girls which I find quite amusing.


I’m serious. You give good adivice that I need. fr

That had to be werid lol.and funny at the same time. I more of a girl that hangs out without all girls. like there were like 15 guys and I’ll be the one girly girl in the group. Weird.


Is it just me or does that Wattpad look different. Like it just looks different. Like it looks more ummm sharper? Idk it just looks different.


At the end of the day its all about the people u meet and the vibe of the local area. I got lucky and the people (some, one was batshit crazy) in the flat I was assigned with were really cool and we ended becoming really close friends. I went to a city known for its nightlife and totally had a blast, plus never saw any political protests anywhere.


Lucky. Hopefully, it is the same for me. But I only had guy friends because girl attacked me.


Wow, that escalated quickly…attacked you?


Yeah I got boped in the face.

And I was chased down the street all the way to the church. And I would get bullied and harass. Now I go to online school. And I get to interact with college student the girls in college seem friendly.


That is messed up, some people are just out of their minds


Yah. I was put on a behavior contract along with them. Even there the ones that chase me down the street. Then I broke it trying to solve a dispute because they were threatening to beat my as*. And I got suspend twice in one week. Yeah my 9th-grade year was hell. I just hope I have good college freshman year.


Thankfully its done, it should be way better in college. For the most part there isn’t much bullying, generally conflict stems from disagreement rather than just plain wanting to hate on someone.


Hey that kinda like high school :rofl:


Oh your high school sounds okay then, my high school there’d be fist fights just because someone bumped into you.


LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

NO, THEY WERE HELLA racist. They were constantly calling me a nigg*r, Walking around with confederate flags. And threating to kill me and my family. along with endless bullying and torment. Sucks being the only black person at white school.


Seems like you used words that the system flagged. I think the n word is an auto flag just to let you know


Oh I am so gonna test this system out now