Unpopular Opinions XXXX


Never mind i guess i can override if the system gets it wrong


Damn I thought Michigan was okay (according to another wattpad friend I have there)


oy… please dont lol :sweat_smile: I’d appreicate not having to clear the flags…


I didn’t mean to use the n-word. Like I was trying to explain how racist the kids were at my old school.


Lol no i know! Thats why i was telling you what happened. I was able to uncover the post. The system just doesnt know context. hehe


Lol Thank you. :slight_smile: well I know that now, I make sure i just use n-word.


No, I live in a small white (minority town). Michigan is kinda full of racists to (depend on where you are) fr. But the people (older) aren’t racist. well, most of the time. People down where I live are weird. They kinda give me Get Out type of teas. :joy::joy::joy:


I always thought America was a north south divide…the more you know


Yeah it’s not. now racist are everywhere especailly thanks to Donald trump


Trump being elected was inevitable, if not him then some other lunatic. People would have voted for anything but more of the same.


It was everywhere even before hehe. I mean im from boston which is east coast and liberal but well known for racism historically


I couldnt disagree more. BUt im not gonna debate atm hehe


Lol, Hillary was loony and so was trump. So either way we were doomed.


Disagree with that too. I’m just… gonna go hehe


Yeah that has to suck.


I mean its a sad part of the state’s history. racism and xenophobia is not new. I think trump makes it a lot worse but thats a diff story


She kinda was. Like they were two people who were hecka old and insane. hillary wanted war Donald Trump wanted a wall either way. Doomed.

Trump makes everything worse lol :rofl:


But why not? Everyone was getting polarised and people were tired of sparse inequality. Hillary was 4 more years of the same economic policy as Obama and the poorest people were tired of it.

Even though now they are even worse off


Yep. Donald trump promised so much and he screwed them over.


I feel like he is pulling off the biggest scam in human history…this guy lied his way to being elected then fucked over his voters and yet they’re still backing him like he’s helping them. If anything its impressive.