Unpopular Opinions XXXX


Lol especailly the LGBT+ commminity. He promise he protect the. And now he’s trying to take away there right. SMH.

And Lest not for get about. Russia Collision!

Mr. No Collision Man (Trump)


I have a feeling even with all this going on, he’s gonna get another 4 years.


Hell no.
He’s going to jail. Like this investigation is almost to the end. One the new dems get in there gonna be supenaing everything.

Plus heck no not if oprah runs.


University/College is what you make it.

There are 40K people in my university alone. As long as you’re minding your business you should have a decent time.


Trump will get another 4 years.

But maybe like Reagan he gets the boot before it happens.


I called it the first time, Im calling it again. I hope Im wrong.

Also noooo, you need a proper politician to run, not TV stars.


Honestly, I’m so desensitized to stuff on the internet that I either get a laughing fit when I see rubbish or just push it aside.


I pray to god he doesn’t. Think about the only won because he cheated.

Plus Santa is coming with a late Christmas gift called: prison and impeachment :laughing::joy::joy::joy:


Jesus. H. Chrsit.




I am when it comes to dark thing. Idk y though. But I get irritated over the pettiest things. I have wait 8 years to get a fully matured brain. Ughhh


Hey Oprah or Mitchell omg YASSS.


Man my spelling is horrid today.


Nah, kinda doubt it. I think people underestimate how racist/ self driven (in regards to money, their religious beliefs) etc people are.

They’re not voting for everything. They’re voting for specific goals they want accomplished.


I usually am for things like entering a forum/youtube/facebook polemic discussion. I had a few tries, got very stressed over it and learned to ignore it or simply don’t read them. I just slipped yesterday, it began as curiosity that I was seeing strange specimen and then discovered that they weren’t joking and it brushed really badly on me.

I have enough problems on my own trying to decide when I want to start a family, no need to have these kind of judgmental people making your life more miserable.


That what they’re saying. They said Russia persuade people mind. But I do agree with you on all of what you said.


Im with you, I think Russia got involved in the sense they had troll farms whose purpose it was to stir up shit in favour of right or left but don’t think there was direct collusion.

Some people know how to pry out people’s prejuidice’s and pander to the crowd


At least we can all sleep at night knowing half of these insane people don’t go outside or have any of that confidence while voicing their thoughts they have on the internet in real life.


They have docs saying their direct collusion. Donald Trump dug himself in a hole.


Have you seen America. Crazier than a road lizard