Unpopular Opinions XXXX


If that’s true then you won’t get 4 more years of Trump after all…you’ll get worse, Pence.


Yeah, the trolling gets really bad towards elections. Reddit was a mess during the midterms.


Yes, the internet has really brought a dark side of humanity once protected by anonymity. But to be fair, how could we ever known of its existence before? Now that we know it exists, we discovered there is still a looooooooooooooong way to go.

I still have high hopes of transcendence to pure cybernetic forms and abandon the physical bodies. One can dream.


I only think Trump isn’t as bad as people think because he honestly doesn’t know what he’s doing. :rofl:


Not even that, Its the way Youtube and Social media recommendations work.

They recommend shit you like to keep you hooked, so you get stuck in an echo chamber and views keep getting more extreme.




Now that’s a lovely Utopian dream right there.


LOL THAT’S TRUE :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I actually feel he’s shameless enough to pardon himself, so maybe he won’t go to prison.


lol THE YOUTUBE LOOPHOLE (watching neverending youtube videos)


Oh yeah, good point there about the echo chambers. This kinda happens in most social medias, doesn’t it?


Idk if you can do that. But it wouldn’t shock me . He’s rich and a white male you can get away with anything.


Yep and it’s fueling the polarisation of society.


lol when you see this on twitter :rofl:

The pettiness :joy:




I actually wonder how someone gets into a YouTube loophole that they get to the really gritty stuff (Like flat earth, PUA like shit.)

I’m out here confusing the YouTube algorithm by watching Video essays, bats eat bananas before going on a music video watching spree.

I don’t think you can get into a loop unless you allow it (permit it?)

It’s like Reddit, the dumpster fires are a few clicks away, but you won’t go there because what the hell are you actually looking to find there?


When you have to write but you’re extremely lazy.


Here’s a scenario, you just had a shitty day at work in some minimum wage job as a cable guy or something, but media has it saying white males are privileged, so you as a white male watch a video on Youtube saying the media are against white males and you’re being oppressed.

Of course that shit will appeal to you! It will make you feel better, you’ll keep wanting to watch more and more of the same stuff. Next thing you’re voting for Trump.


I mostly use youtube to follow some science channels, videogame channels, movie/serie reviews and music. Sometimes I remember there are amazing animations going on there as well.

I try to avoid polemic stuff, but that was after discovering how useless those dumpster fires can be.


Like in the recommendations they have videos that look so interesting so. you click on then you click on another and you end up spending your whole day watching a youtube video. I happened to me in 9th/10th grade. but I got a hold of my self now.