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Yep. happens all the time :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It seems to be a learning process to go to these polemics places, act like monkeys trying to beat each other by shouting louder and then notice it is a waste of time and there are better things to do. But Im not sure everyone has this learning curve, some might go the opposite direction.


So basically a confirmation bias loop? Is this what it is?

Because personally, no amount of trans woman insults cis woman series would make me a TREF. Unless of course, Im defensive and feel personally attacked by sentences like feminists should consider transwomen in their discussions., Trans women have a greater problem regarding violence geared at them.


Nothing in the world would make me a black person peddling Trump because one African American person said African Immigrants are taking away their opportunists or something silly.

I think people have to come to a point when they realize their own problems are not completely externally driven.

I mean, at a point you gotta realize shit is shit.


Yep. I stop watching those youtube videos.

Now I watch youtube video about the problem in America hair tutorial. Mystery thriller type videos. meme complications. Storytimes. Reactions. Pro-black stuff. Ways to improve your appearance.How to get rid of acne. HBCU videos. College videos. Problems in the black community. How to write better, music videos.


Yeah, this happens but Im very quick to retreat from spaces that I can identify as garbage.

  • I see a cute hair video, and I click.
  • Same YouTube has HOTEP nonsense on their channel I unsubscribe.

Recently I was looking for a new laptop to by then I came across Computing Forever, and looked at his other content and just noped out of the space faster than lightening.


Yes a confirmation bias loop I suppose.

People want to feel part of a community and once they feel comfortable in one, they make each other get more and more extreme.

If people dont go out much nor see different points of view, then its clear how problems come around.

But yes there has to be some spark in the person in the first place to dig them into a deep arse hole of prejudice.


Yep yep yep. And more yep. Cute hair video click click click and more click.

Try it on my hair horribly fail.


Aye, I think also being able to self identify places that are bad for your mental health and removing yourself from them is good.

Like, in terms of just going to see things that will make you upset. I keep having this discussions with friends where Im like Then just dont go there? Then just mute them? Why are you still looking? and they look at me like Ive grown a second head.


LMAO. I felt this in my soul. Anyway, its winter Ive just been throwing on hats.


Me when someone says my ship is toxic.


Im still shipping this, no one is stopping me.


Same here my hat collection

Only hat im missing


My hair during the winter:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bird box. That movie


I loved bird box, just felt a little empty about the ending.


I dont want to watch the movie i was watching clips and it creep me out. I remind me of Get out. Just creepy.


People criticizing The Ancient Magus Bride why enjoying Beauty and The Beast make me laugh. Its basically the same premises.


Lol, but the beast loks creepy af :laughing:


Its not scary haha, but then again I dont think many things are scary. A lot of people die, but they die before you get to have any sort of connection with them.


UO (I guess?):

I actually do have a thing for Othered characters. (like monsters, humanoids or just beings that have a human level of intelligence.) Everyone can make grinding Nemo jokes, but I did see the Shape Of Water as a tragic romance to an extent.


Yep creep.

Any thing paranoraml. Im scared of. But when it come to dark subjects like r*pe,murder kidnapping, im okay. Kinda the reason why I love Lifetime. Im werid.