Unpopular Opinions XXXX




But i did like the Irobot movie.



It is just a thing Im into. Thank goodness I didnt bump into furries as a teen. Im sure I had a 70% chance of becoming one.

Other UO: Anthropomorphism ( a technique in which a writer ascribes human traits, ambitions, emotions, or entire behaviors to animals, non-human beings, natural phenomena, or objects.) >>>> than most literary devices.



That stuff creeps me out,

Like Im the type of person who plans a route just to avoid the graveyard. That stuff is on a new level.

The only movie like that is Avatar. ( that movie was deep)


I wonder how many writers make fan theory cannon (because fans can fucking geniuses.)

Like, someone randomly commenting that Finding August is the book that Andrew was writing in Acceptance, and I just go Yeah, sure. Certified cannon.



Had to reread it my brain is hecka slow. But :exploding_head:


Liking stuff like that is also why I really like cartoons. I mean, where else can I ship a horse like creature with human intelligence and a human being if not Bojack Horseman.

I watched Avatar WAYYYY back when it was newish and the CGI effects wee impressive. I have a feeling if I watch it now itll be meh and Ill ruin my memories.


Actually, it still holds up okay enough. Wonder what the special effects will look like to me now.


You watch Bojack Horseman. Omg I didnt like you would be interested in a show like that. That show is my sh*t.

That show isnt creepy.

And the avatar is amazing. Because I see avatar as how Africans will be in the future. Where they take back their land and get rid if the colonizers.


it was advanced for its time.


I watch tons of Adult cartoons, practically why I have a netfilx subcription.

  • Big Mouth.

  • F is For Family.

  • PD Paradise.

  • Disenchantment .

If you can name it, Ive probably watched it.


My sh*t.


I gtg. Thank you guys for another interstingly amazing dicussion,


That show is on crack, but in the best way possible.


True :joy::joy::joy::joy:

At least its not as werid as bobs burgers


I wonder if Gamefreak doesnt check some fake ones for inspiration, there are some really good ideas out there


Bojack Horsemen, I can only find people on the internet who like it. Everyone I asked from relatives to friends walk ten steps away from me when I ask if they watch it. Many of them feel offput with the style alone, very feel were able to say that the series is too heavy or weird for them.

My technique is watching it while eating something sweet.

My other technique is to watch My Little Pony to compensate. Balance is important XD


You should watch Archer


Ah, I saw the trailer, but I wasnt sure I would like it. Ill give it a watch on the weekend.


Lmao, me and Miraculous Ladybug.


Which is odd, seeing as its the oddness heaviness of the topics that sold it to me.