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Archer can be a fun “shut your brain off” evening. And it makes fun of James Bond special-agent genre.


Miraculous Ladybug! Oh, it did help me through some lonely nights. I watched this one out of curiosity because the designes were so weird at first. I was like “how in the hell does this work, won’t it look strange?” But it sorta doesn’t. And the writers and animators seems to know how some of their setups are silly and they roll with it and have fun and poke jokes at the magical girl genre in their French way. So at least there is that.
The only thing that puts me off in the entire series is the CONVENIENTLY EMPTY PARIS!
I know animating crowds are hard, but Paris is sooo empty :frowning:

Seriously, I do like small doses of sugar like that. Specially after watching Bojack or reading Berserk, or other depressing stuff. I discovered this technique kinda randomly, but it does help.


Me too! But I can understand why some people have difficulty with it. Many thought it was a comedy series with its wacky style, when in fact it isn’t and break of expectations like that can taint someone’s experience.

I do hate when that happens to me as well. The worst experiences I had were going to the cinema expecting to watch a comedy (because the trailer only showed the good jokes) only to discover it was a bizarre drama. You kinda feel cheated.


There so many sick one liners from Archer


I think on one hand it’s due to an animation budget. I see a lot of low budget stuff substitute crowds with dark mass or ignore their existence completely. (Some comics also do it, and it’s actually annoying.)


I just love it so much when a Managaka has such a definite stile you can pick out. A lot of Japanese comics share similar art styles and it’s nice to see something different. I wonder why it’s common to Korean artists to have their own styles but it’s the opposite for Japanese artists.


UO: Why do parents say there gonna throw out you. And then get mad when they leave. Like WTF.


It’s a power thing, in all honesty.
I feel like parents who do that just get angry when they can’t control the situation.


I know right. Like my dad is so adamant about people moving out. But when we do he gets mad. Like he keeps saying I throw you out. And when I leave he gonna talk ish. Idk I don’t need to be stressed out.


The thing that scares me the most when I begin a family is if I’ll begin to do the same things that I hated that my parents did to me.

What bothered me most was that they never accepted that me and my brothers are all around the 30s as autonomous adults, they still treat us as if we were 10-15. At some point it stops being loving and it becomes insulting to simply not accept someone’s else accountability and maturity.

I just hope I won’t do that.


Lol same here. Turning 18 and they still wanna control me. and threaten me.


Out of curiosity. Do you people think you should pay rent to your parents as soon as you get a job at 18 years old?


Korean artists might be trying to consciously differentiate their art from the very influential Japanese stuff, so they experiment more.

I think Manga used to have more diverse art styles though


Its been so fucking long since I’ve been on here, lmao, but life can be a bitch. Anyway, I was looking at apartments, condos, roommates, etc. and I found something that could potentially start an interesting conversation when it comes to housing for young professionals/college graduates.

Basically, its the business called “Bungalow,” which is currently available in only a few cities, and they essentially set people up in pre-furnished homes (save for the bedrooms), with up to like five roommates. The homes and furnishings (from what I can tell) are really nice, and the cost is less than that of a studio in those same cities, so it seems like it could be a good idea.

BUT it also seemed to sell a certain lifestyle of “business connections” “meet and greets” and like I said earlier, “young professionals.” So it makes me wonder if this is truly going to be fair considering it doesn’t seem to cater to struggling college/post-college students who may need the rooms, but rather the group of college/post-college people who’ve managed to snag a job in their desired career.

So, anyone else have opinions on this kind of idea? Do you think it could work??


I don’t do roommates because my parents are scared I’ll end up with a racist or something. So they always want me to live alone or with someone that I’ve known for a while. Like, not the random housemate search you do because you’re looking for how to split rent.

Too many stories of people being maltreated by their living mates, and sometimes worse — getting poisoned and shit.

Like my Dad messaged me this a few days ago, lmao. They’re paranoid.

Like, it seems like a nice idea, but just from the fact that it looks like who your roommates are is chosen at random and out of your control looks like it’s a recipe for disaster.

Other than that. I don’t think it matters if you’re a Uni/College student. It’s a good idea to start building up business connections.


Depends. If the child and parent agree to such, yeah.
Idf they have a deal, such as where the child doesn’t pay rent but pays for their own food, laundry soap, etc… Then no.


I got random roommates and we’re like best friends now, ended up finding a house together.


That’s great.

Most of my long term friends are from boarding school, but boarding school’s a more controlled environment. Random apartments you pay for with a stranger you met on Yelp, not really.


NYT opinion pieces are the worst thing tbh.


Not a fan of Kpop. I’ve tried listening to it, but can’t get into it for some reason. :woman_shrugging: