unsent messages // 1.0

This is the tenth installment of unsent messages, finally here on the new threads!

We all have messages we didn’t send, words we didn’t speak. We all have stories we never shared. This is for you. A place to send them to, a place to write them down. A place where your voice isn’t voiceless.

Previous threads won’t be mentioned, because they were removed along with the old threads. P.S. This thread isn’t my creation that means the credit goes back to the real owner.

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part of why i never told her is because she would never understand why i talk to someone so broken and damaged. It’s because i see myself in him. I see his scars as the same scars i own. He was in a shitty place but don’t we all fall into shitty places at some points?



pal, I know you will hate me at one point. I know it, I just know it, which crushed me so much
Cos I dont know, but I know you have a good intuition and smart to read feelings, so Idk, I feel you kinda know, what inside my heart, maybe, but yeah that feeling useless for me

So, its useless for me to say it, and its useless for you to hear it, or know it.

Idk will we be friend for long
cos idk if im a good friend for you, i really dont deserved you, i really dont

In this pool of darkness, who ever want to jump to the darkness with me, no one, i know
the ravine without end, who would want to? who…

You deserved to live, i wanna free you from this tangled friendship yet, idk why i crave for you, crave for you, need you…

you never know rite, everytime we speak, i often cries cos i know we would end in nowhere.
like my life, end in nowhere, but it is for me to face.
I just dont wanna drag you or anyone else

well, you should happy. I will too… I just need to work on it.

tears feels very painful now, it doesnt shed anymore, dont worry
maybe it dried out, maybe.

i wanna say, i dont wanna let you go, i wanna be your best friend forever
cos thats something that i could expect out of someone

but idk
idk will it work
im too shitty to say it

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We need to get bread.

I wish you were real.

Wow, no, i cant believe this :’(

i’m just tired.


i’m sorry if i choose to stop talking to you. Thing is i’m not sure if talking to you is good anymore. I mean i know i vent about everything without worries but i need to handle things on my own. I can’t be emotionally dependent on someone who may exist now but may not exist later. Besides, we both know that you still have feelings for me and at some points i still feel empathy towards you, i still get a spark sometimes even if it’s small. That scares me though. I don’t want to have sparks or feelings or anything inbetween. Because i can barely keep my life at ease and my shit under control. I don’t need to add to it anymore.


i want to erase my name, my history, my past. I want to wake up with amnesia knowing that my name is just a number. I think that would be the day i feel okay. Happy.


i just feel like crying.


Swallow your pain and don’t say a word.



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I really hope you wont hate me

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Sometimes, i envy those who are loved.


I need a reason, some sort of closure other than my feelings have changed, but I know you aren’t able to give me more. You never were.


Unsent message

I have a feeling I’ll need to reset my tags, anime style could be mean anything from Shounen to Yosei (technically Josie, but whatevs.)

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sometimes i even feel like he is making fun of me, like he pities me, like he thinks i’m stupid. However, it’s not true, i know it is in my head but sometimes i can’t help but believe that thought.


I thought you loved me, I thought that you cared, but no, You never did, did you?

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