Unsorted Thread (Originally was the Mini EBG in Safe Mode, now can be used for anything)

What’s this?

This is the mini version of Epic Battle Game (EBG for short), a fantasy community for competitive battle game between our characters in an epic crossover-like story!

Originally, our goal is not only to discuss our strategies, but to also write an amazing scene on our characters fighting each other. However on this mini version, this is basically a version without the plot and without the writing. If it’s a computer, it’s run on “safe mode” where everything is simpler, but the basic function of the game still working properly.

This mode just exist to kill our boredom, to spend some spare time for fun, meanwhile the real game are being put to rest. So we can still have fun here without stressing ourselves, just jump in and kick something!

For sake of that, everything will be simplified. Let’s move on to the explanation!




  1. Follow the official Fantasy club rules of Wattpad, which you can check on the link below:

Wattpad’s Official Fantasy Club Rules

  1. Respect each other, whether they be the players, moderators, or visitors of the community. The golden rule is to treat others the way you want you to get treated.

  2. No trolling! We do allow and welcome jokes, banter, memes, or any silly chat, but an actually harmful trolling will be reported!

  3. No roleplaying! It’s an obvious rule of the forum itself.

  4. Be friendly and respectful.




  1. Because this is the simplified version of the game, there’ll be no plot being involved and there’ll be no writing. We will do it on the old school style! A round is open by the moderator, then people submit characters that fitting for the requirement of the round. People then discuss how their characters will fight, their strategies and interaction in general.

  2. Character form will be provided few post below this post. Because this is simplified version of the game, please makes your character form as simple as possible. Don’t include anything complicated and convoluted. Keep your “real deal” submission for the main game. This one is just to have fun kicking each other in a very quick and lighthearted game. That mean, you can just put a simplified version of the characters that you already post on the main game before.

  3. As the game is simplified, moderator’s duty too will be nearly nonexistent. We’re basically just referee of a sport game now, so we just need to open the game and let everyone fight, then call the result on the next day. No need to nerf the characters or buff anyone unless it’s necessary.

  4. A ruling / match analysis will be posted a day after the battle begin. The round will still be open to more people joining, but each battle only last for a day. Because there’s no plot and no writing involved, the arena are reusable setting, and you can submit your characters regardless of their personality or preference. This is just a game for fun, randomly beating everyone without the need to thinking too deep into the story.

  5. Basically, just have fun! :slight_smile:

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In our game, there’s something called a power level. This is a measure on how powerful something are, and how much powerful can you go.

This is a very simplified version of the game, so to save our time for complication, basically, a power level is measurement of power. It’s a simple classification, a category on how powerful someone or something are.

That means, your basic stats, offense, defense, mobility, and many more things that makes them powerful are depend on the power level. If the power level is normal, then an average fantasy characters, may it be from novel, movie, anime, comic, video game, are set on average standard.

Since this is the simplified version of the game, there’s only three level available:

  • Simplified Low: Anything on level of ordinary human fighter/soldier/etc will be here. This including those that are borderline superhuman, or ordinary people with magic or with powerful weapons. Basically, something that can break some walls, maybe cut a tree, maybe someone with a gun, maybe a basic elemental spells, things like that. (This mode is the simplified version, it includes “Very Low” and “Average Low” according to the classification of the normal game)

  • Simplified Average: By means average, it’s the average of fictional characters that already pretty powerful in normal standard. This means, blowing buildings, smashing cars, breaking boulders, shoot missiles, moving at speed of sound, and many more unique abilities can be included in here, with maximum destruction level up to a single large city, or several small villages. (This mode is the simplified version, it includes “Average Low” and “Average High” according to the classification of the normal game)

  • Simplified High: When things get pretty dang high, when the threat level went into national or possibly international level. Possible things to happens including blowing mountains, sinking some islands, nuking cities with energy bombs, maybe some meteors, and many more crazy things. (This mode is the simplified version, it includes “Average High” and slightly bit into the “Very High” according to the classification of the normal game)



Anyway, hello everyone! I am Crimson, or just usually called Crim! :blush:

In this simple mode, the game is easy to play for everyone, without the hassle of moderating, so this is a stress-free game for everyone!

Normally, we work together as a team to take care of the game, but just for this one, there’s no need to worry about that. However in case where I need some little helping hand, I want to list a possible veteran member that could help.

(So yeah I use this section not to introduce the mod team but the veteran players of the game)

@ZacKember Introducing Zac, the nicest boy ever!

@blue_jay Introducing Jay, he’s a pro on managing OP characters!

@litericy Introducing Ricy, he’s busy but he’s lovely!

@TheTrueTerrydactyl Introducing Terry, our local memelord!

@MistickMage Introducing Mistick, the nature lover!

@Sandcat Introducing Liliana, the dark fantasy enthusiast!

@BookRyt Introducing Ryan, he’s dedicated in tennis competition!

@Shadowdrakon99 Introducing Drakon, he got his own battle thread too!

@iamnotasmartguy We call him Smarty, he got an amazing writing!

@Lord_Killen_King We call him Killen, he got a passion for anything anime!

@ImperialSun As a honorable mention, this is Sun, one of the most earliest player, one of the old moderator, and the first winner of EBG round!

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This is our basic character form. Use this as a guide to do your form. You can modify them as your liking, adding and removing things as you please. As long as your characters are well explained enough, that’ll be good.

Since this mini mode of EBG does NOT includes any official battle scene and not plot required, then don’t need to spend too much time with your character forms. We’re just here to kick everyone on a basic level, no need to get too deep, we’re here for some stress-free fun!

(Anyway it’s still recommended to use a Google Doc here, but it’s no longer required because you can literally just shoves in some random characters to the game without any story being involved)



Name: (Including alternate names, alias, titles, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where they’ve come from? Such as city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)



Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than armor and ability)

Armor: (Any defensive equipment that they has, or defensive capability such as casting barrier, or natural body durability, etc)

Abilities: (Please explain the capability of your characters, what they could do, an ability may it be offensive, defensive, passive utilities, and any form of their powers)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional)



The setting will be a basic medieval settlement, which mean, there’s towns and villages, the market, the inn, the tavern, some rivers and lakes, forest and valleys, perhaps there’s also some castle and such medieval architecture.

Your goal is to find your enemy and eliminate them as quick as possible.

Power level is AVERAGE! You can blow houses, throw those cart carriages to peoples, burn the forest, summon a big golem, and stuff like that!

NO LIMIT OF CHARACTERS SUBMISSION! After your character got defeated sooner or later, you can submit another one immediately.

That’s all, now go!

(Click here to see our example character)


So no battle scene we just pick a winner yeah?

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Fair enough hmmm serious character of goof character?

I can throws in an example xD

Also there’s no limit on how much characters you can use. You can submit one, then after they got eventually died later, you can submit another. (I need to put this on the rules lol)

What to do…

Ohhhh so it’s a gauntlet style eh?

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Yup yup it’s like the old school Wattpad deathbattle

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I’m a Veteran player?

Oh, I guess I’ve been here for over a year. I’d forgotten.

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Example Character

Name: Moldy Rocky

Age: 123

Gender: ? (xD)

Species: A rock

Origin: Some mountain nearby the village

Introduction: Rocky is just a big golem that wander around, he’s friendly and old, he’s peaceful and nature-loving, but not exactly welcoming to any modern thing. He destroyed several things that try to harm his forest, for whatever reason.

Appearance: Big rock golem with mold and grasses

Personality: Some peaceful and wise old geezer

Weaponry: His own body, which is strong enough to break down houses, not based on the size but based on how strong the building material. You know, medieval construction are pretty easily destroyed in compared to our modern buildings.

Armor: He’s just a golem, meaning, made of boulders.

Abilities: He can throw stuff around, charge against people, things like that.

Fighting Style: He rather not fight, but if provoked, will bash the heck outta your life

Quote: “Rocky don’t like cars, rocky wanna smash cars”

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Yeaaaah a veteran :wink:

Also that’s a nice birthday cake on your profile! xD

Yeah! (;

Later tonight I’ll be completely offline for my celebration, but for now my dad is off getting my sister and my mom is with friends, so I have the house all to myself!

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Wohoo yeah! ^-^

No one is getting past my first submission just fyi >:3


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