Unsorted Thread (Originally was the Mini EBG in Safe Mode, now can be used for anything)

Am I the only one who sees the resemblance here.


What about how vanitas just looks like edgy Ash Ketchum and Sora looks like his friend Richie?

So it turns out I only need 100k points to get my own Nobu and I’m about halfway there on day one! ^-^

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o.o Oh my god, that’s true! XD

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I love how League of Legends changed as years passed.

Back when I start playing it around 2013 or 2014 when it was still on its early seasons, the champions are mostly random peoples, each with their own lore. Nowadays, they begin to be connected into a greater web of lore, as each backstory updated whenever new characters made, and some of the old characters are remaked, reworked, so their concept gets better. Even better when the official site now contain so much lore, as the encyclopedia of the world grows, new regions and factions are made, that many characters even got their own short stories that’s connected further to another characters.

Long ago it looks not much different than DOTA, but now it became its own thing, because they care so much about the story now. It remind me on how EBG changed, as we care about the story, in compared of the old days when characters just thrown to beat each others senselessly. There’s more personality and colors, much like how I see LoL changed now, becoming beautifully artistic.

How I wish there’s someone else in here that played LoL so I can ramble about the story…

For example, there used to be random champions with animal body features, as they’re inspired by things such as the nine tailed fox. Nowadays, their lore changed, so that they’re not a merely random creatures with animal features. They belong to their own race now.

They made lore videos, and even an in-game book about this.


What I found insulting is that, the playable characters from vastaya tribe are either a fox girl, bird girl, and such cute girls, while the male always been a monstrous beast.

I want a freaking cat boy or something smh

Well, Vastaya are extinct, Ionians drove them away from their homeland.

Xayah and Rakan are fighting back for their lost land. Zed kind of ruined shit in Ionia.

Welp I wasn’t playing the game for years and now Ionia is fucked up lol

Legit want a male vastayan that looks good, unlike Rakan that looks meh

I want a new champ like this

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I’m a sensual person xD
The levels of my… Drive goes through the roof xD

Reminds me of a certain someone I know xD

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Who’s that?

I melt, I cry :sob:

Don’t think I can tell you that :sweat_smile:

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Oh, lol xD

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clears throat

Remember we’re supposed to be a pg-13 thread :slight_smile: (despite all the off topics discussed)

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Also random fact I saw

Did you know there are people attempting to domesticate hyenas? :open_mouth:

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What kind of character would go well with this song hmm…:thinking:

I love nightcore songs ^^

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